10 Best Marketing Methods for New Businesses And Startups


Coming up with a winning product, service etc. requires a lot of work in itself, and yet that is only half the job done. The rest involves getting the word out, i.e., launch and promotion of whatever it is that you are peddling.

So, how do you get your message across to the proper audience and how do you do it in an effective manner? These days, with pretty much everybody vying for the prospective buyers’ attention through social media, blogging, PPC advertising, SEO, etc., making oneself visible is a rather gigantic challenge. So, if you want to stay afloat and churn out a profit, you’ll have to have the right marketing strategy in place.

Take note, we say ‘strategy.’ And this means you’ll have to employ the best methods (whatever it is—blogging, social media marketing, offering promotional products and so on) but also do it in the right manner. Otherwise, the efforts (time and money) you put into marketing will go in vain. As such, in this article, we talk about the best business marketing methods for new businesses, but also how to employ them in a manner so you can build an effective sales funnel and make sustaining profits by way of optimizing your conversions.

Best Marketing Methods and How to Use Them

1) Use Social Media

By social media, we are referring chiefly to platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat even (Facebook marketing has become a specialized thing in itself, but more on that shortly.). Post your products. Share your thoughts. Write about your industry. In short, post anything that you feel will be of value to your target audience and which will help them learn more about your business and your industry. Also make sure to use direct messages to communicate with other successful businesses (either in your own niche or in some way relevant to it) and to reach out to potential customers. This is a very powerful way to get noticed and boost visibility.

2) Facebook Marketing

Running Facebook ads is one of the most powerful marketing methods out there at the moment. All the personalized data—location, age, gender, interests, profession, marital status, etc.—voluntarily provided by users give the marketers the opportunity for amazingly specific audience targeting. However, bear it in mind too, that click-traffic only will not yield great results. You’ll have to learn and use Facebook Pixel for purposes of conversions and re-targeting. One great thing about Pixel is that even if a business is not spending on Facebook ads (not recommended at all as long as you have the bucks), it can still build an audience by installing Facebook Pixel on its own website.

3) Run Social Media Contests

Okay, so we’re not done with social media yet! And for good reasons, too. Here’s one piece of statistics. Per campaign, businesses garner an average of 34 percent fresh customers through Facebook contests. This is because Facebook and Instagram contests make for a fun way to engage and bring in new customers. And when you’re running these contests, don’t forget to announce it across all your other marketing channels (email newsletters, your website, social media handles, and paid ads as well).

4) Build One or More Great Lead Magnets

Right lead magnets can yield incredible results for any startup. A lead magnet can be anything, such as a checklist, a cheat sheet, an e-book, a video or something else. Whatever it is, the trick to build an awesome lead magnet is to first identify the pain points the consumers are confronting in your niche and then present a viable solution to them through the lead magnet. This will make your prospective customers appreciate your brand so much more. And of course, you’ll need to have a great and enticing squeeze page ready along with your lead magnet to actually make people drop into your sales funnel.

5) Host an Event

Events provide a great opportunity for creating new prospects as they give people the chance to personally engage with you and your employees. And you don’t necessarily need to organize something super fancy. Depending on the nature of your business/service, things as simple as an info session, an open house (indoor/outdoor) or a sidewalk sale will work pretty well for most businesses. However, with the pandemic still on, you can for the time being opt for virtual events such as a YouTube or Facebook Live Session and the like.

6) Leverage the Power of YouTube

At present, YouTube holds the distinction of being the second largest search engine across the internet, next only to Google. Video tutorials are all the rage at the moment and whenever one tries to learn something new, most prefer the visual step-by-step learning method and thus head straight to YouTube. Therefore, creating a video tutorial where you add something of genuine value to your target audience is a great way to boost visibility.

7) Write Blog Posts

There are two things that make blogging an effective marketing tool. First, posting genuinely useful content for your readers and next, posting them at the right places. Of course, you can (and actually must) have a separate blog for your business. However, it is truly difficult to achieve good visibility through individual blogs. So, make use of platforms such as Medium that already have a massive built-in audience. Also, publish your story in detail at your LinkedIn profile. Answer questions at Reddit and Quora. And once you do these things, do not hold back in the fear of giving away your secrets. On the contrary, share all you know and establish yourself and your brand as an authority in the eyes of your audience. In short, provide value and that will eventually translate into sales.

8) Use SEO the Right Way

There is so much to SEO that it can be really intimidating at times. All the same, marketing cannot do without SEO. Not in our time. Period. So, make sure to invest the time and effort to learn at least the basics of SEO and learn them well. For your actual SEO campaigning, you may have to hire an SEO specialist or engage the services of a firm. Still, you need to know the basics yourself in order to ensure that all the right things have been taken care of.  Also, make sure to avoid the all-too-common mistakes such as trying to ‘trick’ Google by using link schemes or shady PBNs. Those may (or may not) yield some short-term results, but they will surely land you into trouble sooner or later.

9) Use Email Marketing

Email is still a wonderful, and perhaps the best (depending on the business), channel when it comes to getting the word out. Here are some stats. Eighty-two percent of consumers are found to open e-mails from businesses and 76 percent of e-mail subscribers actually make purchases following an e-mail marketing message. New businesses should also use email sequences to build a relationship with their prospective customers/subscribers. Again, be transparent and authentic. Share your journey in detail. And you’ll reap the rewards eventually.

10) Buy Promotional Products to Advertise Your Business

This is an old marketing tool and it still works wonders in our internet age. So, buy products from Promotions Warehouse and select ones with relatively long shelf life. For example, buy pens or pen holders instead of sticky notes or imprinted pads. Some other good choices include calendars, reusable shopping bags, apparels like caps, t-shirts, outerwear. And of course, you use your logo on the products (that is the whole point), but you must also make sure not to make it too prominent. And for larger items (t-shirts, for example), make sure to come up with a catchy byline to go with your logo. Finally, you may gift your best clients personalized items (for example, items with their names on them) and at such times, you may even consider foregoing the logo altogether.

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