10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Worker’s Compensation Claims


Filing a worker compensation case is a very delicate task. Any wrong or incomplete detail can be disastrous for the filer. Thankfully, a worker’s compensation lawyer can do that for you. But many other mistakes can cause you to pay your medical bills out of your own pocket. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Not going to the doctor in time

You must visit your doctor immediately after you face an injury. Shrugging off due to the stress of deadlines and continue to work under pain. Going to a doctor at the time of injury can help with documentation and easily receive your compensation.

  1. Not reporting to your employer

Acting tough is okay but if you try to hide your injuries thinking that they are nothing can damage your case. It is required to report your injuries written with your employer within 30 days. But the sooner the better.

  1. Not recording details

You need to remember every little detail about your accident. Who you were with, who witnessed the incident? If you forget even the smallest of things the insurance company might try to construe this as deceitful.

  1. Placing too much trust

Remember, your employer doesn’t want to empty their pockets on your injury no matter how many employees of the month awards you have received. Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible.

  1. Not completing proper documentation

Start documenting everything since your incident. Take copies of all your doctor’s appointments and medical receipts and note down everything your employer said. This could help in your case.

  1. Not listening to your doctor

Ignoring your doctor’s instructions can not only harm your healing but can also ruin your claim. Insurance companies might hire investigators to go through your social media profile and try to find anything that can invalidate your case.

  1. Sharing all your medical records

In case of a worker compensation claim, the insurance company might ask for your medical records, even those that don’t have any link to the case. A Lawyer can help prevent the leakage of your medical records.

  1. Turning down work offered by the employer

After your injury, your employer might ask you to work part-time. This is a tricky situation. Upon your refusal, the employer can use this against you. In this situation, it is advised to contact your attorney or your doctor before giving any answer.

  1. Returning to work too soon

Returning to work too soon can be used against you by your employer claiming that either the injuries aren’t much serious or you have completely healed from them. Try spending time at home to heal and strengthen your claim.

  1. Not having a competent lawyer

Hiring a skilled and experienced lawyer is more important than you think. Insurance companies have the best lawyers who can turn the case around in no time. Make sure that your lawyer is experienced and skilled.


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