17 Proven Ways to Attain Career Success


The corporate world is highly competitive, and everyone is scrambling to get to the tip of that pyramid. Frankly, academic qualifications alone are not enough to succeed careerwise. It would be best if you strived to stand out from the rest. Here, we have compiled a list of proven ways to attain that career success.

  1. Be one step ahead

It is always best to anticipate the needs and expectations of your employer. Do not sit around and wait to be told what to do all the time. Any good employer will value you if you have a go-getter attitude and are efficient in your assigned tasks.

  1. Define your idea of success

Shut out society’s expectations of what a successful career should look like. External forces influence your mindset. Take a look at your life and establish what kind of success is best suited for you. Your career should offer you an opportunity to grow and advance and give you a chance to make a positive impact. Ensure you establish a good work-life balance in your pursuit of a successful career. It is also good for your health!

  1. Communicate proactively

Do not wait to be asked whether you have completed a task or hand in your weekly report. Managers will value proactive communication instead of having to have to follow you up constantly.

  1. Have a goal-oriented mindset

Set both short and long-term goals and formulate a suitable strategy to achieve them. Your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Break down larger projects into smaller tasks that are manageable. Focus on one goal at a time to avoid being overwhelmed and losing sight of the bigger picture.

  1. Associate with like-minded people

You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. Having toxic people in your inner circle is bound to be detrimental to you, and you must avoid them. Surround yourself with focused people who are on the same page with you career wise and who will offer advice and support.

  1. Seek mentorship

Mentorship is crucial not only for subordinates but also for those in top management. A mentor will support your growth, provide you with a different perspective, ensure you are accountable, and encourage you along your journey. Most of the time, we emphasize mentorship programs for subordinates and forget about people in managerial positions. Yes, there are CEO mentor programs tailored to deal with hardships top managers face when running their businesses. A mentor will help share your business goals, develop skills, and build networks and associations that will assist in your personal development. They will give you the mindset to accelerate opportunities much faster!

  1. Remember why you started

In times of trials and tribulations, remind yourself why you chose to pursue your career in the first place. Draw inspiration from your written goals and get back on the horse. These written goals will govern your decisions and will help you remain focused and motivated.

  1. Adopt a Positive lifestyle

Incorporate positive habits such as transparency and integrity in your daily life and cut off unproductive habits that might frustrate the people around you. Cultivate positive emotions by doing things that elevate your mood. Understand that happiness comes from within, and you should not wait for external forces to bring you joy.

  1. Fulfill your commitments

For you to attain career success, you must gain the trust of your employers early on. Do what you say you will do and always keep your promises. Fulfilling your commitments shows that you are transparent and reliable.

  1. Show compassion

Understand that your employers and colleagues are human and thus very limited. Do not cause a scene and throw tantrums when someone makes a mistake or is lagging. Be kind and always be willing to lend a helping hand.

  1. Do what you love

There is no point in waking up to a job you hate. Identify and maximize the talents and skills that you do effortlessly. Eventually, you will become an expert. Figure out how you can creatively incorporate your abilities to improve your daily life and, ultimately, your career.

  1. Be resilient

The farther you push away from your comfort zone, the more challenges you are bound to face. Becoming successful in a career is not for the weak at heart, and you need to persevere through difficult times. The corporate world requires people who can make lemonade out of the lemons life has to offer. Look at tough times as an opportunity for growth and development.

  1. Look within

Before pointing the finger at others when problems arise, ask yourself how you might have contributed to the problem and how you could have prevented it from happening. Make it a habit to look within yourself before blaming others. In addition to that, go deep within yourself to unearth the hidden strength and potential. You will need them during trying times.

  1. Be rational

Dwelling on the past will only leave you feeling stuck and downcast. It is normal to feel like you are on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Instead, learn from your mistakes and plan your way forward. If possible, seek clarification, put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and ask yourself how you would have reacted if you were in a similar position.

  1. Build your reputation

Be very careful of how other people perceive you. Your work ethic, values, and how well you work with others will determine how good your reputation will be. To build a good reputation, you need to be creative, take the initiative and constantly go the extra mile to assist your colleagues and add value to your corporation.

  1. Sharpen your skills

Be willing to learn new things to ensure that you have a competitive edge against your colleagues. Broaden your knowledge base by reading widely and researching ways you can improve yourself and the area of your expertise.

  1. Take on more responsibility

You are setting yourself up for success and gaining more skills and knowledge by saying yes to additional tasks. You are less likely to be indispensable in comparison to your colleagues who shy away from responsibility.

Final Remarks

For you to build a successful career, you have to be intentional and focused. If you feel one strategy is not working well for you, switch things up and try again. Never give up, and know that your efforts will soon bear fruits. Talk to the right mentors to help you mount the hurdles as you rise up the ladder.


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