3 Important Tips for Data Migration Strategy


Data is considered the new gold in this information age. Businesses of all types and sizes collect enormous amount of data from many different sources. Where this data is stored is also as varied as the sources. You can store it in on-prem data center, colocation facility managed by outside provider or cloud storage such as AWS, Azure of Google Cloud. No matter where the data is stored you need to pay close attention to the management and migration of this data across these storage choices. Below are some important tips you should keep in mind regarding data migration.

  1. Consider Overall Data Storage Strategy

Before you start getting inundated with data you should develop overall data storage strategy that finds the best location for your data. There are number of stakeholders you need to consult, and also look at overall IT strategy in the context of data storage. Here are various aspects of data storage strategy you should think about.

  • Business requirements
  • Technology landscape
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Security and compliance needs
  • Billing
  • Organization readiness
  1. Find the Right Data Migration Tools

Data migration tools play an important role in determining the success of your migration projects. When you are migrating large amount of data, automation tools that help convert the data in the right format and handle associated processes are paramount. The data migration tools you choose should be able to handle different migration scenarios such as File and block data migration, physical to physical and virtual migration as well as SAM fabric and controller-based mirroring. Choosing the right tools and hiring experts who can advise and deploy these tools will help with the success of your data migration projects.

  1. Hire Data Migration Experts

As a business owner you are not an expert in managing IT infrastructure. Your data is the most valuable IT asset that should be managed and protected. Hiring experts who understand IT infrastructure and can guide you through the overall data migration process will give you peace of mind and ensure the project is successful. Losing your data or letting it go in the hands of wrong people with data breach  is the last thing you should worry about when it comes to managing your business. The IT experts can provide the best-in-class data migration services including the following.

  • Data discovery and analysis
  • Selection of best approach and tools
  • Automation of data migration process
  • Non-disruptive data migration
  • Optimization of data and cost

Data management and migration is an important project that should be reviewed carefully before getting started. Following these tips will ensure the success of the project and avoid having issues of data loss and leakage that can jeopardize your business.


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