3 Interesting Tips to Look Professional at Work


When you’re going to client meetings, networking, or interviewing prospective employees, you need to come across as personable, trustworthy, and ultimately, professional. If you do not give this impression, there’s a good chance the people you interact with won’t take you seriously, and therefore they may not want to pursue their business relationship with you. “But, how do you achieve this professional look?” I hear you say. Well, you’ll have to read on to find out.

  1. Smart eyewear

Never underestimate the power of a professional pair of eyeglasses. Your eyewear is one of the first things somebody will notice about you. You need your set to be clean, smart and not overly distracting when in a corporate setting. As well as this, you must ensure that they fit you nicely so that you are not having to push them up your nose every 5 seconds. These days, wearing glasses sends out a positive message to others, particularly in the workplace, as wearers are said to be perceived as approachable, helpful and intelligent. Check out the huge range of eyewear options online, at EyeBuyDirect.

We’d even suggest considering more than one pair of glasses, depending on your lifestyle and your outfit – it’s always a good idea to have a backup pair if your main ones get lost or damaged. You’ll find that over time, wearing glasses to work is a much more affordable and comfortable option over contact lenses. As well, as we have pointed out above, the right glasses can make more of a positive impact on your style and image than you might have thought…

  1. Body language

Picture this, you walk into an office and every member of staff is slouched in their chairs, twiddling their thumbs, paying more attention to the rain outside than the work in front of them. Without them saying a word, you immediately get the impression that the office workers are not engaged or fulfilled in their roles.

Body language alone counts for a lot. When you meet new people, stand up tall, make sure to have eye contact with them, nod when you agree with them and use hand gestures when you are speaking, to help you to express yourself. All of these acts create a bond between you and the person you are talking to – it makes you come across as more confident, engaging and gives the right impression. Trust us.

  1. Preparation

Prepare for your appointments. If you are doing interviews, have questions in mind that you want to ask. Have CVs, job specs and any other relevant documents printed off. If you are meeting a new client, make sure you have done your research on their business and show them why your products or services could be suited to their needs. Get to the meeting point on time or a bit earlier – if you are running late, let the other party know.

In the world of business, if you meet someone new and you haven’t given much thought to what you are going to say to them, there’s a good chance that when you do start conversing you are met with uncomfortable silences and awkward exchanges. Plan ahead to give the impression of total professionalism. Envisage the conversation pattern beforehand and don’t come across as too informal.


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