3 Most Viable Triple Net Investment Opportunities in 2021


The pandemic has completely changed the way we did business in the past. Companies that once seemed untouched by political, economic, or other complications were sadly the ones that were hit the hardest. However, after much struggle with the new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, omnichannel distribution, consumer demands, essential needs, retail producers came through with better profits. On the other hand, fast-food brands increased their earnings with the latest technology and other crucial transformations.

Now, when the pandemic is still going on, an alarming number of non-essential businesses are permanently shutting down while needs-based companies are rapidly expanding. As a result, many business owners are now left with triple net lease properties, wondering; What are the most viable Triple Net Lease (NNN) investment opportunities they should pursue in 2021 to start making a profit again?

And, if you are planning to start a business with a triple net investment, below you’ll find the best types of property ideas you need to consider to build yourself a successful business. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

  1. Fast-food Franchise

The fast-food industry, which no one could believe suffered economic and social turmoil, was hit the hardest during the pandemic. But, still, the pandemic helped these businesses learn a way to get stronger and more likely to thrive despite all the problems.

So, if you plan an NNN investment this year, a fast-food franchise has the brightest and most lucrative future. All you need to do is find a Triple net property for sale that suits your needs and lease it for a set duration of time. It’s because major fast-food chains have found ways to provide a more efficient and profitable business even in these uncertain times. For instance, these fast-food chains now focus on:

  • New locations with fewer indoor footage.
  • New and existing locations are adding more sufficient drive-thru lanes.
  • Contactless ordering of food and payment.

All these reasons make it a great business opportunity even in this post-pandemic situation.

  1. Dollar General Stores

Dollar General stores can quickly become your instant favorite NNN investment opportunity. It’s because the company’s growth is remarkable. Even during the pandemic, Dollar General opened its 17,000th store in December last year.

And this year, the company is planning to expand into a tremendous metropolitan statistical area (MSAs) with an upcoming brand and add more than 1000 of its traditional 7,500-foot store locations with more fresh produce and more groceries options.

So, if you are looking to invest in a triple net property, Dollar General Stores should be something you must consider.

  1. Medtail Properties

The Third-quarter of the year 2020 experienced a massive surge in CRE transactions and demand from single-tenant and institutional net-lease investors for investment-grade medical facilities, also known as medtail properties. If you are not already familiar with these properties, you must understand that they include companies like Fresenius and DaVita, healthcare providers, and other urgent care groups.

Moreover, the services these tenets offer will always be in demand, no matter which economy you belong to. Therefore, medtail properties will; also serve you well if you are looking for triple net property to start a successful business.


Starting a successful new business in this post-pandemic era can sound like a far-fetched idea. However, suppose you choose the right property to lease and open a store upon which the information mentioned above elaborates. In that case, you have more chances to achieve success and thrive even in these challenging times.


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