3 Pillars of the Modern SEO for Online Marketing


The online business environment has been transforming over the past few years. And most of these changes somehow relate to the guidelines from popular search engines. For example, blogs and e-commerce websites follow Google Webmaster’s Guidelines to gain an advantage in the online environment.

Every search engine has its own set of guidelines, but not entirely different from each other. And you’ll find some of these mutual tactics in this article. In other words, you can use the following strategies to rank your website, on all search engines.

  1. Focus on Keywords

All your online marketing efforts begin with identifying the terms that your target audience is searching. These terms are technically known as Keywords. Every search engine takes these keywords into consideration to decide which pieces of content to rank in the SERPs. And following these criteria is a part of white label SEO practices followed by marketing mavens. To put this into perspective, search for any term on Google. You’ll find that there are millions of results for the term that you search.

Notably, you won’t click on all of the results, though. According to research, most users only click on the top 3 results in any search result. In other words, you not only need to identify the keywords but also need to optimize their density. We’ll come to it a little later in this content.

To sum it up, all your efforts to market your business online begins with the keywords.

  1. Create Editorial Backlinks

While keywords are the head of the giant SEO strategies, backlinks are the backbone. For those of you who don’t know what backlinks are- these are inbound links from third-party domains.

When creating backlinks for your website, it is important to relate the content as well as the domain to your website. Not only in terms of backlinks, but also in terms of the context.

To put this into perspective, you cannot fetch backlinks for an accounting business website from a travel blog. For more information, you can also explore a buying backlinks guide online. It’ll help you understand what backlinks are beneficial and which ones could be harmful.

That being said, backlinks in true sense act as votes for our website. And, notably, editorial backlinks are valued more than any other type of backlink. So, all in all, you should invest in link building strategies and secure valuable and relevant backlinks for your website.

  1. Keep Check on your Content

A noteworthy fact about online marketing is, no matter what you do, if your content is not worth you cannot expect any turnups for your business. Content is often called upon as the true king for SEO and online marketing strategies. And there’s, of course, a reason for it.

Think of it this way, the only method of communication between you and your customer is the content. And if the content does not convert your prospects into customers, effectively, it’s useless.

Experts suggest that Google and other popular search engines have laid down guidelines for the content as well. For example, you can go through EAT and YMYL guidelines from Google. Pretty handy, the content not only converts but also helps with client retention, along with other tactics.

To sum it up, these three pillars of online marketing are enough to get your business off the ground. And when paired with other ideas and strategies, nothing can beat your marketing campaigns.


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