3 Reasons Why Packaging is Just as Important as Your Product


It’s surprising how so many people still see packaging as a detail. This is literally the first thing people see about your product. It can also affect your whole operation and the success of the product at so many levels.

It can have a direct effect on shipping, for instance, or the stability and shelf life of the product. Then there is the ethical aspect you have to worry about. Packaging should play a major role in your manufacturing decisions, and one mistake could end up setting you back or ruining your product’s chance of succeeding in the marketplace. Here are a few reasons why packaging is just as important as your product.

  1. It can Help Reduce Costs

Solid packaging can affect your costs in so many ways. For one, good packaging will protect the product not just from damage, but from other factors such as humidity or light. Also, the type of packaging you choose will affect logistics around it. Some types of packaging take more space, hence increasing the amount of money you spend on shipping. You even have to think all the way down to how your product will sit on pallets and find a way to maximize shipment without ruining the quality.

Another area where you could save is inventory. Items that stay intact when stored don’t have to be replaced. In many cases, things like flexible packaging might be able to do the job better than plastic, carton, or glass. If you’re curious about flexible packaging and want to learn more about its benefits, we suggest you check out https://www.thepkglab.com/blog/32/save-on-inventory-with-flexible-packaging.

  1. It Ensures Safety

Not only is packaging essential for keeping the contents safe, but it also plays a role in keeping customers safe as well. Packaging’s responsibility is also to inform customers about the contents of the product and some safety precautions if applicable.

The ingredients need to be clearly marked. Packing date and best before dates also have to be added in the case of foodstuffs. Also, taste or chemicals should not transfer from the packaging to the product.

  1. Branding

The packaging is central to branding and attractive packaging will always give your product an advantage. Poor packaging is often what ends up sinking products. For instance, packaging that is too regional prevents products from reaching global markets.

Proper packaging allows products to jump out of the shelves and attract the attention of shoppers who are presented with hundreds of different options. That’s also why you don’t only have to think about how good the packaging will look on its own, but also next to other products just like it. Packaging also needs to transfer for any format, whether it’s eCommerce or print. When done right, packaging can even induce a Pavlovian response and trigger specific feelings and physiological processes.

As you can see, packaging is one of the most important parts of product development. So, make sure that you give it the attention it deserves and take the steps necessary to constantly improve it.


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