3 Signs It is Time to Move on and Find a Better Job


Being unhappy in your career is likely to make you feel restless and torn over whether to hand in your notice and look for a new job elsewhere.

However, leaping from a stable job is daunting and unsettling. But, you know, if you stay, your mental health and well-being are likely to drain away over time.

If the three warning signs below resonate with you, it’s time to move on and find a better job.

  1. Your Job Is Affecting Your Health

Multiple factors can affect your physical and mental health at work. For instance:

  • Police officers witness awful images, which can cause mental trauma.
  • Doctors are under pressure to see, diagnose, and treat patients in a constrained period, which is very stressful.
  • An office worker may be subject to mental abuse at the hands of cruel coworkers.
  • A mine worker may need to endure the risk of inhaling harmful gases and debris at work.

Most jobs have their risks and can cause damage of some kind to your health. If there’s anything at work negatively impacting your health that you’re unable to cope with. You may want to consider if it’s worth continuing your job.

  1. The Pay Is Dismal

Are you struggling to pay the bills? Want more disposable income? Or feel that you’re not getting the actual value for the amount of time, effort, and intelligence you dedicate to your work?

If the pay at your job is dismal. And, you’ve asked for a raise, but it’s been refused without good cause. It’s time to look at, for example, finding a new position as a neurologist at new institutions that pay well for your time and work.

An excellent salary can improve your quality of life, making you healthier and happier. Plus, you’ll feel more valued at work.

  1. You Work Overtime, All the Time

Working extensive hours non-stop is not sustainable. Eventually, you’ll hit a wall. That’s providing you already haven’t, and you’ll burn out. Following this, your performance at work will suffer, and you’ll realize the long hours didn’t get you any further ahead.

Whether the projects are too much to complete in the day. Or overtime is an expected prerequisite of the job. If always working is dragging you down and leaving you little to no time to have fun and socialize. Consider this a sign to leave your job before you feel the consequences of pushing your mind and body too far at work.

Don’t fear change. You may lose something good, but you may also gain something great. – Unknown

A common theme mentioned in this post is how your work affects your mental and physical health. Because ultimately, these are the two most important attributes you have to take care of to do a job in the first place. If any of the signs above strike a nerve, it’s time to contemplate leaving seriously.

Suppose you can’t afford to leave your job right now. Boost your chances of securing a job you’re proud of before you leave your existing one. By spending some of your spare time dusting off your CV and sending it out to new prospective employers.


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