3 Ways Your Delivery Business Can Improve Communication with Customers


Delivery businesses are smart ideas as they target a service that’s constantly growing in demand. As e-commerce expands, so does the need for shipping and delivery services. Today, we’re going to explore the key ways your delivery company should improve its communication with customers and consumers.

Firstly, why have we separated these two terms? Aren’t customers and consumers the same thing? Well, as a delivery business, your customers will be businesses selling products. They pay you to deliver their goods to their customers – who are consumers. I hope this clears things up, now let’s look at the top communication tips:

  1. Use a broker to communicate with customers

Finding and communicating with different businesses can be a challenge. Instead, you can use a broker as the go-between! Truckload brokers exist, and their role is basically to find truck loads that your company can deliver. Typically, you register on a website and set out your preferences. Then, the broker connects you with the relevant customers and lets you find work. It’s a simple way of streamlining communication as you show your shipping rates, outline how much stock you can move, and the jobs are agreed via the platform. Broker websites also give you a hub to message customers if there are any concerns.

  1. Implement a tracking system

Tracking systems are vital in terms of communication between a delivery business and the consumer. People want to know where their packages are and when they will be delivered. The ability to track a package on its journey will do just that. You should have a modern tracking system that consumers can monitor via their phones if they wish.

As you can tell, this improves communication as you’re keeping them updated on everything that happens. Also, it provides cover if consumers claim that things haven’t been delivered. The tracking system will prove if a driver has delivered something or not and you can use it to locate any lost packages. So, everyone should be nice and happy.

  1. Send Email/text alerts

Finally, you need to use email or text alerts when starting any delivery process. The email is automatically sent to a consumer when their package is out for delivery. Again, it lets them know when to expect the package, and you can include a link in the email to the tracking system. Also, you should email customers to let them know when their products are about to be delivered to consumers. It also helps to send an email when things have been delivered, just as a confirmation for both customers and consumers.

Overall, delivery businesses need excellent communication between all parties. You have to communicate with customers to ensure you get the right jobs. Funnily enough, communication between you and your customer’s customers is probably the most important. Consumers are always worried about when their packages will arrive and how they’re being delivered. By improving the communication systems between you and the consumer, you give them peace of mind. It also enables them to plan around deliveries to be sure they’re home to receive the package.



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