4 Branding Ideas for Your Brick and Mortar Store


Retailers are facing continued challenges from the ecommerce sector, but those brick and mortar stores remain highly valuable. Increasingly, consumers are looking for an in-store experience that aligns with their lifestyle needs and their online activity. The tactile nature of a physical outlet is hugely advantageous, and retailers that have a physical outlet need to ensure that branding is a priority. By making greater use of the in-store experience and aligning that experience with a more grounded and valuable branding strategy, brick and mortar stores can leverage more sales and more brand awareness. Here’s how to make more use of your branding in your brick and mortar store.

  1. Use Your Location

Having a physical store means that you can take more advantage of your geographical benefits. If you have a store that experiences high levels of passing foot traffic, then you should aim to draw those passersby into your store. Use mylar sheets to make stencils of your logos and slogans, and use them well in your window displays and store exteriors. The more appealing your branding designs, the more likely that your external marketing will attract new customers into your store. Your location is a key advantage that you have over those businesses that only sell online, so make more use of it.

  1. New Products and their Launch

When consumers head to a store, they are expecting a visual and tactile experience. That’s why it’s so common to see large displays for new products, end caps, and planograms. Merchandising is one of the major elements of running a physical outlet, and the goal is to ensure that the maximum impact is made through a dynamic and impactful first impression. Utilize visual branding in your store, and you will start to grow both brand awareness and brand trust.

  1. Customers want Experiences

More than ever, consumers are looking to align with the brands that they trust and feel a connection with. One of the most useful tactics to adopt is to create an experience in your store that cannot be replicated online. Consider how some outlets allow for product trials in-store. Take advantage of what you can offer that consumers are unable to get when they shop online. Offer some form of experience that will be remembered, and those customers will remember you when they weren’t what you sell.

  1. Using Social Media

While there are many ways that businesses of all kinds can make better use of social media, for retailers with a real-world store, the challenge is converting that offline presence into an online resource. Create installations and designed elements into your store that customers want to be seen with. Look for opportunities to create Instagrammable moments so that your customers are creating their marketing materials for your company.

Building brand awareness, loyalty, and trust are essential in the modern business landscape. Your branding is a key part of gaining those valuable resources. Use the in-store experience to drive your growth, and your brick and mortar store could end up being your most valuable marketing tool. Fail to take advantage of the potential benefits of your store, and you will lose out on sales to those brands that do.


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