4 Essential Tools for Your Online Business


You’ve got a business name, a brand in mind and you know what products you’re going to sell. Gathering together all the basic ingredients of an online business takes time and plenty of trial and error, but if you’re just starting out, there are some business tools you shouldn’t be cooking without.

Finding the right software and packages for your online business is crucial. It can make or break your business! The easier your company is to manage and work with, the easier it will be for you to run it, and the simpler it will be for clients to get what they need. So, what tools should you be using?

Read on for the essential tools for your online business.

  1. VPN

If you’re using Chrome as your primary browser then you’ll get the benefit of being able to conduct most of your online activity on your laptop or by using your smartphone apps effortlessly. Every business who is using Chrome should consider installing a VPN for added security and online privacy – you’ll find more information on free VPNs here just click the link.

Protecting your company’s data, personal information, bank details and client info is essential. With a VPN, everything you do online is fully encrypted and secure. Many small businesses fall into the trap of believing they won’t be targeted by cybercriminals, when in fact (due to their lack of online security measures) they’re often the prime target. Don’t work online without a VPN!

  1. Google Analytics 

An essential online business tool, Google Analytics gives you a detailed analysis of where your site traffic is coming from and the effectiveness of your current marketing campaigns. It can also help you to pinpoint your demographics, where you may need to reassess your strategy and essentially, what’s working and what’s not. This extremely useful tool means that every online business can accurately track their marketing strategy by week, month or even by year. This gives you complete confidence, eliminating the need for making all those guestimates. There is so much information to utilise, you can end up getting lost in all the different charts and variations.

  1. Dropbox

All those files, documents, images and video clips need to be stored somewhere, right? Rather than working your way through various apps and clawing your way through hundreds of poorly organised files, with Dropbox, everything is stored in a secure cloud that can be accessed by anyone with the right permissions. No more lost documents, upload errors or frustrated employees! Streamlining your business makes everything so much simpler.

  1. And finally, MailChimp

There are plenty of studies that show the effectiveness of regular and consistent business newsletters. They keep clients coming back and intrigue those who aren’t yet convinced to make a purchase. Applications such as MailChimp make the creation of customised, interesting and attractive newsletters easy. With simple instructions and creative tools, you can also create mailing lists and schedule your emailing marketing campaigns with just a few clicks! This automated feature makes keeping on top of all your business roles easier to manage.


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