4 Ideas to Improve Your Marketing Skills


No matter which career path you choose, seeking to improve your skills over time is bound to increase your job satisfaction. Maybe you’re working as a marketer and looking to up your game? Or perhaps, an entrepreneur who wants to brush up their marketing skills? Either way, these four simple ideas are well worth scribbling on your to-do-list.

  1. Marketing tools

Technology affords marketers with a plethora of handy tools to learn new things and make life a whole lot easier. If you’re looking to improve your marketing skills, it’s a good idea to work alongside such tech tools. HubSpot, for instance, offer an excellent marketing platform, which provides tools for everything from email to analytics or CRM.

For those who focus on social media marketing, tools like HootSuite can help you to organise and manage all of your social media accounts and campaigns via one platform. With HootSuite, it’s easy to manage your activity, schedule posts, find leads and identity influencers. You should also be taking advantage of free tools such as Google Analytics, which can provide valuable insights to inform marketing strategy.

  1. Invest in a course

Those who wish to advance within their careers should be continuing to seek out new knowledge all of the time. Online courses are particularly beneficial for those who require the flexibility of fitting studies around work or family commitments. For those looking for degree level options, Walsh University offers a great bba marketing degree. Those already working within marketing roles, could look to short courses that focus on a particular specialisation.

  1. Determine your weaknesses

If you’re seeking to improve your skills then you first need to determine your weaknesses. For instance, what are currently the gaps in your knowledge? How can you seek to fill these gaps? It may be a case of self-study or asking for further resources and training from your current employer. Perhaps you’ve been building your marketing skills in a general sense, and now you wish to specialise in one area? Whether content marketing or database marketing, choosing a focus can be useful to hone your skills and set new goals.

  1. Seek a mentor

Seeking out a mentor for advice can be an excellent step on the journey to self-development. There may be a colleague within your organisation who you can look to for guidance and tips. Attending networking events can be another useful way to gain contacts and get inspired. You could also try reaching out to professionals on LinkedIn. Asking the right questions of those in the industry could well help you on your journey to success.

Keeping a career journal to note down your goals and progress can be a valuable practice to keep on the right track. Break your goals into short-term tasks that you can achieve on a daily basis. One task might be attending a networking event, another might simply be reading an industry related publication. Every little piece of learning will contribute to your career journey.


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