4 Inexpensive Marketing Options for Businesses


Marketing options can occasionally be hampered or restricted by a lack of funds, and that can harm your business in both the short and long term. Advertising and promotion are an essential part of making a business successful, and even more so in the digital marketplace. There’s no getting away from it these days.

There are lots of inexpensive ways to market a company that can make the difference between generating traffic and sales or making a loss.

Here are four that are worth considering if you’re running on a tight budget and don’t know where to begin.

  1. Content is still King

Content is King. As long as the internet exists, this will be true. Your brand needs to have a voice, and your site needs to have outstanding information on it that makes people want to come back time and again.

Most brands now have dedicated bloggers and content writers to produce the words that make their website sing.

If you’re stuck for ideas for posts, then tried and trusted methods such as collections, list pieces and how to guides are all great starting places, but they shouldn’t limit you. Think about trying out industry interviews, news and insider features too.

  1. Become a YouTube natural

While written content is valuable, video content is a strong contender too. Making exceptional video content to share on platforms like YouTube can cost a lot of money, but it’s also a skill you can learn over time. If your budget is really tight, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with shooting film clips and videos on your phone and uploading them to give a more DIY feel. The more you do this, the easier it becomes to generate creative ideas to use.

  1. Look for advertising on a budget

A huge ad campaign might be way out of your budget, but always be on the lookout for discount coupons for Facebook and Google ads which can make a big difference to your outreach, with a reduced outlay.

If you have slightly more budget to play with, why not create some innovative and interesting goodies to give away as freebies. It’s good advertising and who doesn’t like a free gift?

Obvious options to go for include coffee or tea mugs with company slogans on, as are t-shirts, flyers and posters. You could even opt for a professional set of custom magic 8 ball  gifts, to share as a quirky, innovative idea that consumers will love.

  1. Read all about it on…Reddit?

Often brands spend a long time focusing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but fail to give other social media sites like Reddit a look in. This can still be a very useful tool to help market your business.

Reddit is basically social media for people who remember what the internet was like when it started its audience does tend to be very tech savvy and therefore you need to know your audience and only create content that fits the niches on there. It can be a real winner for anyone looking to market to a very specific group of people.


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