4 Pieces of Equipment All MBA Students Should Buy


If you’re preparing to study for an MBA, we would like to congratulate you as MBAs play a very important role in keeping our economies running. You should also know that the MBA is one of the most demanding masters there is and that how well you’re organized will make a big impact on your chances of succeeding. This is why you need to equip yourself with the right tools and gear. This eventually will help you stay on top of everything and make your degree much more enjoyable. Here are some of the pieces of equipment all MBA students should have.

  1. Good Laptop

Everything starts with a good laptop. If you’re following classes remotely, then you will need a laptop that can maintain a solid connection with no lagging and shutdowns. This means that you need a machine that has a good processor, 8GB+ of RAM, and a high-quality FHD display at least.

If you don’t exactly know what to look for in a business computer, we suggest you check out the Lenovo for business students range. They have a wide selection of models for all budgets and most of the computers on there will be perfect either as primary or secondary laptops, so give them a closer look.

  1. Voice Recorder

A voice recorder could be a lifesaver when working on assignments. Lectures can go so fast and it’s often impossible to write everything you need down. You also have people who are simply bad at taking notes in real-time. A recorder will allow you to listen to whole lectures, or the parts that you missed, and take notes in a more relaxed state. You have to ask your teacher if you can use a recorder in the classroom, however, as not all of them will let you.

  1. Digital Pen

There’s something to be said about writing down notes by pen. Some people are actually better at writing notes down than typing them, but they often don’t use a pen and pad because they don’t want to have to transcribe everything later. An electronic pen, however, will record everything that you write in digital form and the files will be compatible with Apple and Windows. So, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

  1. External Drive

Every student needs to understand the importance of regularly backing up their work. You need to have a way to protect your work in case something happens. Uploading work to the cloud can work sometimes, but not for every type of file.

If you routinely work on massive files, then we suggest you get a good external drive for extra storage. You’ll be able to save things like presentations, video resources, and all the most important files on your computer. This will give you peace of mind and can be used to store non-school-related files so you can free space on your computer’s drive. It’s a very useful piece of tech to have whether you’re a student or not.

All of the above pieces of equipment should be on your list as an MBA student. They will help you be more efficient, facilitate notetaking, and might prevent catastrophes from happening.


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