4 Solid Tips for Marketing on Social Media Effectively


You may think that in promoting your small business that social media is all you require. If you’ve registered all your social media accounts, you might think it’s incredibly simple. All you need to do is put some posts out there and wait for the shares, right? But social media is still one of the most competitive arenas. When you are running a small business, and you are taking control of every single aspect yourself you’ve got to utilize social media in the right ways. And it’s worth considering some of these little ideas that can make a massive difference.

  1. Cross Promoting on Other Channels

If you are working with a Facebook advertising agency, you might think this is all you need, especially if the vast majority of your audience uses this one social media platform. But one of the simplest things to do if you are looking to engage more followers is to remind them that you are present on other social media channels. You could add a link to your social media page with a call to action, or you can do it in a more subtle approach. For example, you could use your bio as a place to list your other networks.

  1. Create Targeted Ads

One of the most important aspects of advertising through social media is to create targeted advertisements. You can do this through Facebook by adding the Facebook Pixel. This is the simplest way to target website visitors automatically, so you can get more information. When it comes to marketing, even a small business requires insight into the target interest groups.

  1. “Social Media Only” Discounts

Taking advantage of one type of platform can show you how dedicated potential customers can be. In traditional advertising, you will see deals in a newspaper or via email. You can use social media in the same way. By offering a “social media only” discount, such as flash deals on products it may get you more engagement than anywhere else. And when you promote an offer on a social media platform, it becomes easier for you to track the people that take advantage of it.

  1. Change Your Approach with Every Platform

If you decide to use multi-channel marketing, you have to remember that the type of media relates to the user of the platform. For example, someone that uses Facebook will require more immediate content in comparison to someone that uses LinkedIn. And you’ve got to consider this when it comes to writing your copy. You may want to consider your tone of voice, but also consider the type of media you would use. A video is more likely to get followers on Facebook, especially when they are in easily digestible bites.

For all the marketing tools you can use to get people interested in your product on social media, you cannot underestimate any chosen demographic. It is important that when you are marketing to them, that you be honest and truthful. Ultimately, in the game that is customer service, this should be the foundation.


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