4 Things You Should Know Before You Decide to Become Professional Tarot Reader


Do you enjoy tarot reading? If you gladly read cards for friends and family and you’ve been thinking about branching out and offering your talents to the wider community, then there’s a lot to consider.

Here we’ll explore 4 things you should know before you become a professional tarot reader.


  1. Decide on how to conduct your business

Being a professional tarot reader is effectively a working business. So, you need to consider all kinds of practicalities before you start taking on paying clients. Do you want to work from your home? Or would you prefer to offer video-readings or online services? Will you work for yourself, or join a community and seek a vacancy within a business? You’ll find more information on tarot reader jobs via the link.

You’ll also need to consider how much you’re going to charge for your readings and how you’re going to market yourself as a professional tarot reader.

  1. Every client is different

No two people are the same, and this also applies during tarot and other psychic readings. You may find that some clients are happy to share their thoughts and feelings, while others may clam up and give very little away. Others may cry, some may scoff and find what you’ve read difficult to comprehend. Some individuals may question everything while some will simply accept it.

As a professional tarot reader, you must never anticipate how a client will respond, otherwise, they won’t get the personal and intimate reading they need. However, seen as those with psychic abilities are regarded as empaths, you should be able to make yourself aware of their emotional state and adapt accordingly.

  1. You’ll need a strong set of ethics

As a professional tarot reader, you’re going to be speaking with vulnerable people. People who will share deeply personal information. So, you’re going to need a strong set of ethics to be recognized as a talented and professional reader. Most tarot readers follow these certain ethics:

  • All information is strictly confidential
  • Clients will not be taken advantage of and will not be allowed to become dependent on spiritual advice.
  • Never tell clients what to do. The aim is to empower them, but not to directly guide them into making life choices.
  • Avoid making future predictions.
  • Never answer questions about other people, only those related to the reader.
  • Never provide financial, legal or medical advice
  1. And finally, why people seek a tarot reading

Much like other forms of psychic ability and connection, people seek a tarot reading when they’re searching for answers. Usually when there is lots of chaos in their lives, or they’ve experienced a series of confusing or devastating events.

Many people seek a tarot reading because they want reassurance and comfort, or even direction if they’re facing a difficult choice. It’s your role as a professional tarot reader to understand what your client is hoping to achieve from their reading, so you can give accurate information and provide them with the experience they need.


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