4 Ways to Create a Distinctive Brand


If your business has a fantastic new product to launch, you may be desperate to share it with the world. But, helping your products to receive the attention they deserve can be challenging. While you may know your product is excellent and has many benefits, trying to ensure your target market hears all about it can be difficult. Nowadays, consumers are bombarded with information, especially information about products. It is estimated that consumers are exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 adverts each day. So, how can your business cut through all this advertising noise and get noticed?

If you want to ensure your products are not lost amid the thousands of advertising messages consumers are exposed to each day, it is essential to take a proactive approach to promote your products. Creating a distinctive brand for your company is a highly-effective way to get noticed and stand out from the crowd. Building a strong brand has been a tried and tested method for success for products for over a century. Think about the vintage advertising posters that you see on display today. They all feature products that understood the importance of building a brand, which is why so many of these products remain popular today. If you are hoping to develop your own distinctive brand for your products, keep reading to discover how you can make this happen:

  1. Create the Perfect Logo

Choosing a logo you love for your business is vital; after all, this is going to become an integral component of your brand. When choosing a logo, it is essential to select a design that you feel embodies your brand and will be easily recognizable. It is helpful to ensure that your brand name is easy to read on the logo and that the design is something you feel will stand the test of time. You need your logo to be instantly identifiable, so sticking with your logo for the long term is essential to ensure that your target market associates it with your products.

  1. Select a Color Scheme

Your corporate colors are another valuable component in your branding toolkit. Thinking about which colors are the best choice for your brand is essential, so it is crucial to think about the connotations that are evoked by specific colors. If you want your brand to be known as eco-friendly, choosing earthy colors such as forest green and brown are excellent choices. If your products are tailored to the luxury end of the market, opulent colors such as gold, rose gold, and silver are an excellent choice, along with a monochrome color scheme.

  1. Perfect Your Packaging

The packaging of your products is a vital consideration as it does more than simply protect your products from damage. You need to select packaging based on the personality of your brand and ensure that it is appealing to your target audience. Using a custom sticker shop is an excellent way to have labels designed to meet your exact requirements and to ensure they fit with the rest of your branding. Taking your time to find the perfect packaging for your brand is worth the effort as it will ensure that your products stand out from their competitors at the point of sale.

  1. Give it a Voice

Your brand represents the personality of your products. Giving your brand personality will make it appealing and help to differentiate it from your competitors. Having a distinct tone of voice for your brand allows you to bring it to life and make it authentic. If your products are designed to appeal to young adults, you may want to avoid a formal tone of voice and instead give your brand a more relatable personality to make it more appealing to a young adult audience. Determining your target audience and pitching your brand directly to them will help you to decide on your brand’s personality and its tone of voice.

After establishing a brand personality to bring it to life, it is essential to use it consistently throughout your platforms. Using the same colors, the same logo, and maintaining the same tone of voice across every aspect of your marketing will ensure that your brand is both strong and distinctive. Switching between different styles and constantly adapting your tone of voice will weaken the power of your brand and will damage its distinctive style. But, bringing all the elements of your brand together and using them cohesively will create a brand that people cannot help but notice.


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