4 Ways to Increase Google Reviews on Your Website


It is common knowledge that customers’ statements about a company affect the business more than what the owner says about it. And this is irrespective of how big your business is, how genuine your messages are and how excellent your services are.

So, since this is important to potential customers, Google factors these reviews (quality and quantity) in its local ranking algorithm. So, since Google reviews affect your business’s ability to get new customers through rank and reputation, let’s find out how you can increase your site’s Google reviews.

Let’s get started!

  1. Get a Google review link shortcut

The first step to increasing your Google website reviews on your website is to have a Google My Business account. With this, you can then request Google reviews from your clients.

Customers need to get online before they can write a review. So, you need to create a Google review shortcut link on your website. Then, you need to learn how to get Google reviews by navigating your Google My Business account and then finding the get more reviews tab.

  1. Show your website’s ratings

If your website already has a good Google rating, you should show this. An excellent place to do so would be on the call-out section of your website. An option would be to link your websites to your Google rating page so they can leave positive reviews.

You can add a Google rating link or featured ratings to your marketing materials, including downloads, PDFs, brochures, etc. When you seek attention to your ratings, it serves as an encouragement to others.

  1. Ask for reviews

An easy way to get Google reviews is to ask for them on your website. However, when a customer buys a product and is satisfied with it, they usually forget to go back to your website to leave a review.

This also applies to services, although restaurants and hospitality typically make it easier to take up reviews. Since your customers might likely be among your newsletter recipients or follow your social media accounts, you can use these means to ask for positive reviews from your customers.

  1. Provide excellent service

You can use several means to bring reviews. However, they won’t help provide top-rated products or services. When your customers are unsatisfied with your product or services, they are less likely to want to leave a review.

If at all they do, it might not be a positive one. So, ensure that your products and customer services are satisfactory and top-rated. This will bring in organic reviews, while the other tips will encourage you.


Google reviews are essential to every business. Many potential customers trust reviews they see online just as much as they trust personal recommendations. And these customers usually read website reviews before they perform any transaction.

Reviews are usually a massive component to prospective customers and are important in Google’s current search algorithm. Having reviews equates to more sales and leads, higher search ranking, and increased revenue.


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