5 Advantages of Bucket Elevators


Technology infiltrates every aspect of our lives. As more modern gadgets are introduced, they start to find places in our daily operations. This doesn’t just affect us on a personal level, but also on a professional one. Many industries and manufacturing businesses are investing more and more in new technology to make operations run more smoothly.

One such piece of tech is known as the bucket elevator. Sometimes called a bucket conveyor, the bucket elevator has numerous industrial applications. If you want to move a type of material vertically, this type of elevator can help.

How Bucket Elevators Work

In this type of elevator or conveyor system, a number of buckets are connected to each other. This is typically done on a strong chain. The way the elevator (either a continuous bucket elevator or a centrifugal bucket elevator) works is through the movement of that strong chain. As the chain or belt is rotated, the buckets are driven upwards or downwards. Of course, the term “elevator” comes from the vertical movement. Depending on the design, speed, and capacity of the bucket, the system will either work more or less efficiently.

1) Easy Transportation

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the bucket conveyor system is its ability to transport materials much more easily. The bucket is also capable of much more gentle handling than workers are. A manufacturing facility that has a continuous bucket elevator can transport large amounts of materials much more easily and it can easily give a business a leg up on the competition in terms of sheer transportation capacity.

2) Large Capacity

Depending on the hopper or bucket you choose, your elevator can haul bulk material with its ongoing centrifugal force. Plus, since bucket elevators are designed to be incredibly durable, you don’t have to worry about spillage. The bucket elevator is designed to remain upright and can prevent material damages.

3) Weather Resistance

No matter your project or your transportation needs, most bucket elevators can operate in almost all types of weather. This means that your products won’t get stalled out or halted by inclement weather. As you know, being unable to complete a job can cost you time, money, and energy.

4) Innovative Designs

Buckets can come in many shapes and sizes depending on the overall needs. On top of this, many bucket elevators are designed to have a much smaller footprint compared to more traditional conveying methods. This saves a good deal of energy consumption and also saves on some much-needed factory or plant floor space. Commonly, bucket elevators are able to be customized to specific needs and project requirements. On top of this, bucket elevators can be crafted with a wide variety of materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, and more.

5) Cost-Effectiveness

Many industrial plants and manufacturing facilities constantly have to review their expenses and overhead to ensure that projects are staying on schedule and aren’t going wildly over their costs. Of course, this also builds off of some of the other advantages of the bucket elevator. Since it’s a weather-resistant system that can handle large capacities more effectively, it’s a great way to manage projects more smoothly. Bucket elevators are also incredibly helpful for streamlining operations which is also a major money-saver for businesses.

Many industrial and manufacturing businesses rely on bucket elevators to handle a large number of their transportation needs. As long as the machinery is properly maintained and regularly cleaned, the system can last for quite a while which makes it an excellent investment for facilities. You can find bucket elevators at competitive prices, and you’d be surprised just how effective they truly are.


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