5 Common Mistakes with Business Signage


Business signage is the interface of your business towards the outer world. It projects the amount of care, concern, and commitment you keep towards not just the audience but your business goals as well.  It shows your face to the world and poses a long-term impact on your business. It is a long-term investment that requires meticulous consideration and effort. Often businesses invest so much money on their signage but still fail to attract the estimated audience owing to weak strategies. That is because of careless approach and few blunders common among businesses. There are few business signs mistakes that you must avoid beforehand. These are as following:

  1. Dimly Lit Signage

It is the first and most critical mistake businesses commit when displaying their signage at a public place. It creates an impact when during the evenings, the light outside is dim and there is a steady flow of passers-by. If you have dim or poorly lit signage at that place, people will normally ignore the signs and fail to recognize your brand, especially if it fully dark outside. Therefore, you should use proper lighting with bold colors to get attention.

  1. Weak Color Contrast

This is the most common mistake committed by businesses who believe their choice of colors will create an impact and gather an audience. It is not necessary that the colors that best work in your view and create the perfect palette would create a strong message on the signage. Your text and background color should not look similar because that way your sign will be missed. Bring some contrast into the text and background color and tone, so that it grabs the public’s attention immediately.

  1. Wrong Materials

It is always advised to use suitable material for printing your design. No matter how brilliant your design is, but if it is printed on unsuitable material, it would lose its impact on the audience. Seek advice from a professional digital printer for a smarter, professional, durable, and safe material for your business signage. Make sure the requirements are rightly met so that your brilliant signage is not spoiled.

  1. Too Much Information

Some businesses use too many words on the signage that can distract the focus of the public from the original purpose especially if they are in a hurry. Using too many words will make your sign confusing and unappealing, therefore, use precise, effective, and simple language so that it can be easily understood by passers-by in one go. Use key information for the sign that conveys a clear message.

  1. Inappropriate Location

Location plays a key role while installing your signage. The location will determine whether the passers-by will easily have a glance at your sign or they would have to turn their heads high to recognize the sign. No matter how perfect your sign is, but if it is not in the right position, it can go unseen by the potential audience. Seek a professional’s advice for the best location and design of your signage.

Business signage is a crucial tool for the branding of a company. If it is not set properly for the audience, it can produce little results or no results at all. These mistakes mentioned above can be easily prevented through proper guidance and expertise. Avoid them to create a better impact for future prospects.



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