5 Effective Digital Remarketing Strategies


In many instances, connecting with a consumer the second time is much more meaningful than the first. Indeed, it could take a consumer four, five, or even more interactions with a company before they decide to eventually make a purchase. That’s why remarketing and retargeting are such vital aspects of digital marketing. Therefore, it’s crucial for marketers to understand how to successfully reach consumers multiple times. The good news is, we’re here to help. Check out these five effective ways to retarget quality leads:

  1. PPC Advertising

One of the best features of PPC advertising is the ability to specifically target users who have given you their contact information. For instance, perhaps you’ve managed to solicit contact information from 100 consumers in exchange for a content offer such as an E-Book. Account managers can then take that list of 100 consumers and create a specific PPC ad campaign just for them. This will allow you to create ads that contain detailed content that will be sure to resonate with that particular audience.

  1. Social Media Advertising

Of course, search engines aren’t the only place that businesses can reach out to consumers. Indeed, social media advertising is an effective remarketing tool. Just as you can create special ad campaigns on Google Ads, so too can account managers create ad campaigns meant for old customers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

  1. Email Campaigns

Email campaigns can be highly effective because they allow marketers to craft engaging content designed for a unique audience. Plus, by measuring email marketing engagement, you can begin to gain a clearer picture of what resonates with consumers and what doesn’t. You can also decide to include promotions meant just for former customers. Note here that repeat customers are often much more valuable to a brand than one-time purchasers.

  1. Direct Contact

As opposed to cold calling, calling up a lead after they’ve given you their phone number is a great way to produce serious conversion results. Calling up a contact is decidedly old-school, but that’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes consumers appreciate a personal touch. When carried out well, calling contacts can be a fantastic way to generate sales revenue.

  1. Content

Whether your business sells truck lighting kits or custom t-shirts, quality content is always beneficial to a marketing campaign. And it’s even possible to create content aimed at converting old contacts. Just make sure to focus on issues that you know matter most to this group. You may even consider reaching out to them with a content offer as well.


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