5 Important Features You Should Look for in Silicone Rubber Sheets


In the industrial processes that rely on extreme temperature conditions, silicone rubber sheets offer excellent resistance with many other properties. You can use these sheets for better performance and high durability under rugged environments.

The sheets designed from synthetic rubber materials provide multifaceted usage. But you should buy them from a certified silicone supplier to ensure the desired outcomes. The features you can look for in high-quality products include:

  1. Resistance to Factors

Due to their unique characteristics, silicone rubber sheets are used in the manufacturing of several industrial, automotive, electrical, and chemical components. They have superior resistance to factors like heat, cold, moisture, steam, chemical, and weathering elements.

A high-quality sheet can withstand temperatures ranging from -60 degrees to +200 degrees in comparison to organic rubber products. The properties remain unchanged at such extreme temperature environments.

Also, silicone can withstand weathering elements like ozone, ultraviolet rays, rain, and winds. Hence, they are perfectly suitable for outdoor environments and applications like garden hoses, doors, and window seals. With their ability to resist oil, solvents, and other hazardous chemicals in high-temperature settings, silicone sheets are suitable for the chemical industries as well.

  1. Electrical Conductivity

Silicone rubber has compounds that use conductive materials like copper. Hence, they provide resistance to electric current ranging from ohms-cm to e+3 ohms-cm. This electric conductivity makes them perfect for applications in sealing materials for anti-static components, heaters, and high-voltage wires.

Also, the material has excellent electrical insulation. It remains stable even under changing temperatures and frequencies. When you immerse silicone sheets in liquid, they do not show any signs of deterioration in their specifications. Also, you can use them for corona discharge or insulation of high-voltage portions.

  1. Compression Set

If you use silicone rubber sheets for packing that undergoes compressive deformation, you have to ascertain the recovery process of the material. Here, silicone has the advantage of providing a compression set that tables varying temperatures from -60 degrees to 250 degrees Celsius.

However, when you manufacture products using low compression sets, you may need post-cure and optimum vulcanization.

  1. Resistance to Combustion

Even if you draw silicone rubber close to the fire, it will not burn quickly. But, once they catch the flames, they turn into a consistent blaze. Hence, the best silicone supplier provides rubbers that have flame retardant properties for incombustibility and easy extinguishing.

Also, they will not release toxic gases or harmful smoke when burning. That’s mainly due to the lack of organic halogen compounds in silicone products. So, you can use these sheets for a variety of households and office appliances along with their applications in subways and airplanes.

  1. High Tensile Strength

Due to the improvement of polymers and cross-linking agents in silicone materials, you will get excellent tensile and tear strength in your sheets. In commercial and food-grade solid sheets, expect tensile strength ranging from 950 to 1000 psi while tear strength can go up to 100 PPI. However, the military-grade silicone has tensile strength up to 700 psi.

When buying silicone rubber products, it will help if you check their pros and cons and look for excellent characteristics for sustainable results.


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