5 Signs That You Belong in the Creative Industry


When you have a business in the creative industry it can be hard to find the right type of people to employ. Creative people may not thrive in regular nine to five jobs and so on paper may not look like a good hire. However, this is not always the case. Creative people can often struggle to fit in but that is why you should hire someone like this. They can often see different solutions that you might miss. They can be difficult to identify but this article might just give you tips on how to spot them.

  1. Personality

Looking for someone to fit in, in a creative business can be difficult but not impossible. The MBTI personality quiz has said that those who display the INFP description of personality will be perfect for a creative role. They are creative problem-solvers, imaginative and curious learners. They should show flexibility in their decision-making and are often deeply thoughtful.

But this does not mean that they are idle. Creative thinkers are usually incredibly motivated by their own core values and always strive for personal growth. Often empathetic those who associate with the INFP personality trait are quick to understand other people and be able to see what they want. This is an incredibly important skill for any business to utilize.

  1. Problems with Structure

When you work in the creative industry or have a business that operates in one then you will know the difficulties of working without a structure. Much of the time, you are expected to deliver a service or a product in a set amount of time with a list of what seems like unreasonable demands. This can be a little unnerving for someone who is used to a lot of structure that may be found in a regular nine to five.

Fear not though, if you see someone who can creatively break down the walls of the problems and think outside the box. Being able to work with an abstract framework is essential in the creative industry. It allows the worker to be flexible and utilize their time. It is no good having somebody who gets stick at the first hurdle and cannot get over, under, around, or adjacent to it. Look for someone who doesn’t seek the comfort of structure.

  1. Autonomy

Being able to work in and out of a team is really important for the creative industry. When you get so many creative people in a room and ask them to work together the results are not always the nicest. Many people like to try and do things their own way. Creative thinkers usually thrive on their own and this is an important part of the industry but being able to collaborate as well is equally important.

Creative people often need to have responsibility for the job they are left to do. You can provide them with the tools and resources to do the job, but you often need to let them sort themselves out without someone looking over their shoulder. Finding someone like this can be difficult but is worth it.

  1. Routines

Finding someone to work the hours that a creative business need is difficult. One of the many benefits of a nine to five job is that it provides clear and defined working hours. The creative industry does not know what this means. Many times, work can go late into the night or start early in the morning and may even go through breaks and lunches. You need to find someone with a strong work ethic but also someone who knows how to look after themselves.

Having a creative who can do the job is great but watching them run themselves into the ground is never good. You need to make sure that when you hire someone, they are willing to put in the work but also know how much they can achieve before the work gets too much. Not only will you break somebody who is not ready for this commitment, but you may end up with a shoddy project result.

  1. Creatives and business

Every business needs creative thinkers. However, when you work in the creative industry you must have people who are up to the job. Sadly, they can be difficult to come by due to our current measurements of success. Make sure that you sit down with people who have the skills for the job that you are advertising and ask the right questions. Not ones about punctuality but ones that allow them to express their creative assets.


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