5 Smart Ideas To Make Quick Money Right After College


Completing college is an exciting prospect as you have a world of opportunities lying ahead. But things may not be as good as they appear because landing your dream job may be tougher than you think. Everyone knows how competitive the job market is and even the best of the students may not get what they are looking for. You fill application after application but interview calls come in a trickle. You clear the interviews but don’t get many offers and the ones you get are not lucrative enough. Or you are not simply ready to settle for anything but the one you would love to do.

Well, the biggest problem until you start earning is sustenance. Sustaining without an income is not possible and you may not want to depend on your parents any more after completing your studies. Moreover, the stress factor can add to your woes. Yet you don’t need to worry because there are still some options that you can explore to start earning right after college. Here are some smart ideas that you can try to make quick money until you get a good job.

Start a blog or YouTube channel

A great way to make money with your creative skills is by starting a blog or a YouTube channel. The first option is ideal if you have great writing skills while the second option works for those who are creative with videos. Both ways, you can make good money by gaining a following on the internet. While advertising is one way to earn through these channels, you may also become an influencer and get paid by brands for promoting their products. Some smart thinking and a lot of creativity can take you a long way and you can keep earning from them as a side hustle even after getting a full-time job.

Become a tutor

Since you are just out of college, you will probably have good academic skills. Try giving tutoring services to younger students or even the children in your neighborhood. Running a class in your backyard or an extra room is a good idea for those who want to work for home. Alternatively, you can join a training institute as a regular tutor. You can even try teaching online because there are several websites that provide these services on the internet. The best part about teaching is that it serves as a good income opportunity and enables you to refresh your knowledge as well.

Sell stuff at a profit

If you have selling skills and would want to take up a sales job, why not start a small selling business. Pick things like clothes, furniture, accessories and more from garage sales or online websites and sell them at a profit. This is one of the clever tips on how to make money fast without much effort. Try refurbishing old stuff like furniture and bicycles and selling it as new. You can even add some personal touch to clothing and get a good price. For example, you can start a small craft business by buying plain t-shirts, designing with some embroidery and selling them.

Babysit for relatives or neighbors

Being pressed for cash after college is the worst thing that can happen to you. After all, you would not want to borrow from anyone. Why not try something as easy as babysitting for your relatives or neighbors. Of course, they will be more than happy to pay for having someone they know to look after their children when they are away. What’s more, you may even enjoy the company of little ones as you spend time with them!

Find freelance projects online

College pass-outs with technical skills can find plenty of freelance projects online. Explore online and you will probably find something that matches your skills and pays reasonably well too. The benefit of working on such projects is that you get the chance to improve your skills. At the same time, you get first-hand experience in your own domain and may even add these projects to your resume. Even though the money from such projects may not be as big as a full-time salary, it can still sustain you till you get a job.

Making money after you graduate from college is not a problem provided that you keep your options open. Be realistic and avoid wasting time and energy on negative thoughts until you get a job of your choice. Even small jobs can give you some earnings and a lot of satisfaction before you start working full-time.


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