5 Strategies to Promote Your Self Storage Business


As the name suggests, a self-Storage business or a self-storage facility provides space for facilitating the storage of an individual’s personal or professional belongings. Self-storage services come with their highly affordable, flexible, and effortless facilities. A self-storage service allows more liberty to the person renting it (mainly on a month-month basis) to access their goods and possessions whenever they feel like without any limitations, unlike a full-time storage service.

Not only professionals but many individuals going through unavoidable circumstances, either relocating houses, living in a small apartment or a dorm, renovating homes, or wanting storage for personal vehicles; self-storage services cater to all of these hassles with little to no trouble.

The self-storage business is very profitable, evident by its demand in both the public and commercial sectors. As a result, The worldwide self-storage market (hereinafter referred to as the market analyzed) was valued at USD 48.02 billion in 2020 and is predicted to reach USD 64.71 billion by 2026, growing at a 5.45 percent CAGR from 2021 to 2026.

Like any other business, self-storage service providers also need to be up-to-date with the latest research in the market, trends, and self-improvement. Lack of advancement, marketing strategies, and limiting your focus only on service provision might hinder the business’s growth and profit.

Here are a few strategies that can help you promote your self-storage business.

1) Invest in Digital Marketing.

Having an updated website and profiles on every popular social media platform is necessary for the proper marketing of your business. Spending a particular amount of your business investments on running successful self-storage SEO campaigns will help rank your services on top of other similar services on popular search engines.

Utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective ways to have an impressive impact on your customers through the internet in this digital era. The majority of our interactions with the world occur through different social media platforms. Hence, having a grasping and impactful presence on the internet is reasonably necessary for any business to promote self-growth and success.

These days, someone looking to hire a self-storage service also searches for the nearest available service through GPS. Maps optimization is, therefore, necessary to be sure that your site ranks on top in local searches.

2) Value Professionalism.

No matter what kind, a business without incorporating professionalism can never succeed or keep up its growth phase for a very long period. Professionalism is an essential aspect of any business that makes it stand out among its competitors.

Self-storage businesses are no exception to this. Hiring professional managers to supervise your self-storage facilities and establishing onsite training on how to adopt a professional attitude towards sales and customer service always positively and powerfully impacts your clientele. This impact ultimately helps you land more customers.

If your employees lack professionalism and a respectful attitude towards the customer, it doesn’t matter how many you acquire; they will eventually withdraw from taking your services.

3) Plan Strategic Partnerships

Consider a situation where you are assigned to do a task that seems quite laborious for yourself. You will either burden yourself with the whole task or ask for another person’s help in return for something they might be interested in. This can also be applied to enhance your self-storage business as well, where you form strategic partnerships with other businesses, e.g., you collaborate with an ice cream brand and provide free ice cream coupons to anyone hiring your services (and honestly, who doesn’t appreciate enjoying a delicious scoop of soft creamy ice cream) and that in turn will attract more people towards your business.

Mutual partnerships also benefit your business by exhibiting it to a particular group of people and exposing your services to them that they never knew about before, which is more likely to increase customer acquisition.

4) Be Tech-Savvy

There is no denying that modern technology has taken over the world by storm. More and more technological advances are being made in almost every field of life. Professionals and individuals who are Tech-Savvy have the upper hand these days, either in businesses or corporate jobs.

Self-storage businesses are no exception to this. It might seem odd that a self-storage service that comprises just containers with a shutter needs to be tech-savvy to generate more business, but it is quite the opposite. Any person running a self-storage business will agree to the necessity of employing the latest technological advances.

These include:

Biometric systems that use facial recognition and other characteristics to enhance and ensure tenant security and satisfaction.

Kiosks are small self displaying digital machines that provide all the information required by a customer with no need for manual assistance. In addition, self-storage kiosks offer the tenants the comfort of utilizing their storage space at any hour, allowing the customers to access the service at any hour.

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Smart locks provide a much safer and more secure alternative to manual locks. They can be accessed from anywhere and can function with a WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled password. Tenants having smart lock access to utilize their storage facilities whenever it suits them best without dealing with a manager will result in greater customer satisfaction, a sense of control, and comfort.

5) Make the most out of your space

Many self-storage service providers often provide their spaces for rent with just a few containers and consider their space as one block of horizontal space. But, unfortunately, it can never catch the eye of a customer this way.

Customers usually look for one single space that they can utilize for storing as many possessions as possible. Some of the things you can consider to make use of all the available space include: Occupy the empty wall spaces with pegboards where people can hang many of their portable belongings.

Add more shelves to utilize all the available vertical storage space and where small handy objects can be placed.

Provide several container sizes with varying price choices. In addition to your smaller containers, you may provide more extensive warehouse facilities to firms needing to store heavier equipment and vehicles.


In short, self-storage is a very sought-after service these days. Incorporating some of these strategies to promote your services will benefit your business in the long run and help generate more profit and make it reach out to more and more consumers.

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