5 Tricks to Get Your Employees to Wear Their Staff Badges


Do you always find your employees forget to wear their name tags? Here are 5 tricks to get your employees to wear their staff badges.

Have you been wrestling with employees who keep forgetting their staff badges? Your workers need to wear them for a variety of reasons. It tells customers who they are and helps you memorize the names of your newer employees.

It’s also an important asset to have in the case of an emergency. It will be much easier to sort out your employees if a fire breaks out if they all have name badges on. Have you told them this and you still can’t get them to wear it?

Check out this guide for a few methods that might entice your employees to keep the badges on.

1) Lead by Example

If you and the other members of your lead staff aren’t wearing your name tag it will be harder for your employees to take you seriously when you tell them to wear theirs. You’ve got to set a good example by wearing your badge every day.

If someone on your lead team isn’t wearing theirs, punish them the same way you would anyone else who isn’t following company policy.

2) Give Them a Few Options

Everyone enjoys customizing their look. This being said, your workers may be willing to wear their badges if you offer them multiple ways to wear them.

You can give them the option of a lanyard, badge clips, or reels. All of them offer their own share of pros and cons.

3) Offer Incentives

There are a few ways you can give employees incentives to wear their badges. One of them is praising a forgetful employee when they do remember their name tag. You can also talk to local businesses.

Ask them if they would be willing to offer discounts to your employees if they show them their badge.

4) Make it Something They’ll Want to Wear

Make the badges something that your employees will be proud to wear. If their pictures are displayed on the tags make sure that it’s a good one. Give them pins recognizing their years of service that they can stick onto the name tag.

5) Get Tough if You Have to

If none of these options work then you’ll need to get a little tough on them by going to disciplinary actions. Give them a little warning first. Have a meeting with your employees and inform them that anyone who doesn’t wear their name tag will either be written up or suspended.

The first time you catch an employee disobeying your rules go through with the disciplinary actions you’ve set in place.

Getting Your Employees to Wear Their Staff Badges

Are you having a problem getting your employees to wear their staff badges? There are many reasons why you need to get them to wear them but it boils down to the fact that it makes identification easier. Try out some of these methods to give your workers a little incentive.

Did this article help you get your employees wearing their badges? Check out our blog daily for even more business news and tips.


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