5 Types of Business That Will Always Be Needed


We don’t really know exactly what the future will bring but there are certain things in business that we can be quietly confident might be the way things will be. So what types of business are future-proof, will always be needed? Here are 5 types of business we reckon are here for the long-term.

IT & Design

Everything is online these days and the interconnectivity of everything in your life and your business is only going to increase. In the early days of the internet it was very much a different thing to other areas of your life, you had to go and power up a desktop PC and ‘go on the internet’ you never hear anyone use that phrase anymore, we don’t go online as we are all constantly online, through our smartphones, our TVs games consoles and even household appliances. So it stands to reason that someone has to design and code all these devices, websites and apps.

Environmental Consultant

One of the biggest challenges facing humanity over the next few decades is undoubtedly environmental matters and businesses are going to need to adapt to ever increasing legislation and restrictions on matters such as climate change, plastic usage, and air quality. So environmental consultants will be on the increase to advise on the best, most efficient and least costly ways to meet these obligations.

Field Services

Efficiency is one of the things that is going to drive which businesses thrive and which don’t in the future and getting this right can make or break your enterprise. Field services experts can help businesses in so many different industries by implementing software solutions to effectively manage all aspects of work in the field from appointments to contracts to job descriptions and allocating resources, the WorkWave blog is a great resource to get more info on this exciting and essential modern industry.


Alongside all other technological developments, you will find ever increasing uses in the field of robotics. This has been changing the human labor market for decades already and will further increase the changes in working patterns. Already much of manufacturing is automated but as AI develops further we will see more administrative and creative functions being automated as well. Other things such as driverless cars will have a huge effect and change transportation forever. If we reach the stage where a robot can pass as human, known effectively as The Turing Test, then we will really begin to see this change beyond all recognition.


As everything advances technologically the world will change, things will become easier in some ways and will present challenges in others, but one thing that’s sure to be the same is that things will always go wrong from time to time and even though what it is required for it is difficult to imagine a world without insurance. Car insurance may be less than it was in the past due to safer driverless cars but home insurance may see a rise due to adverse weather due to environmental changes. Other types of insurance such as medical or workplace policies will always be required.


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