5 Useful Apps for Truck Drivers


The truck driving profession can be challenging, particularly if you’re frequently required to make long journeys. Luckily, many apps can improve your driving experience. Whether it’s route planning, trucking advice, or fuel economy, these apps have got plenty of cool features.

  1. Trucker Path Pro

This application helps truckers to share tips and tricks, using an interactive map. Whether you’re looking for a parking spot in Cleveland, or somewhere to fill up in Chicago, the app can offer you all this advice and more. One of the best features is ‘Truck Posting’, here you can tell brokers when you want to haul your next load. Trucker Path Pro offers plenty of cool features, including:

  • Diagnostics for your vehicle
  • Trip planning features
  • Tax reporting
  • Fleet management
  • GPS monitoring
  1. Drivewyze 

With the help of the Drivewyze app, truckers can skip weighing stations if they need to. The service offers weighing station bypasses at 600+ inspection sites, across 36 states. First, the app detects the weigh station locations and notifies the driver. From here, the application requests a bypass, informing the driver when the request is approved. When you’re driving for work, you’re likely on a tight schedule, avoiding at least a few weigh stations can save you a little time!

  1. TruckLogics

With the help of the TruckLogics app, you can manage your fleet with ease. Here you can take care of maintenance, dispatches, invoices, and payroll. You can send documents easily, upload receipts, or monitor dispatch details. If you’re an owner-operator, TruckLogics is the perfect app.

  1. Waze 

The Waze app helps users to share data about accidents and traffic jams on the roads. When you’ve got the latest info in real-time, you’ll arrive at your destination faster. With Waze, you’ll get alerts, voice prompts, and info about incidents that will affect your route. The app can perform mobile speed checks, and inform you about police whereabouts. With the help of Waze, you can avoid accidents, and store offline routes. To keep to your schedule and make good time, Waze can help you to find alternative routes if you need to.

  1. Fuelly App

Using Fuelly, you can monitor your fuel economy, and access data about your truck driving habits. Find out what your average gas mileage is, set savings goals, or learn about the health of your vehicle. It’s a free app and it may help you to make a few savings here and there. A few of the main features include:

  • Access charts for MPG, gas expenses, and prices.
  • Get service reminders.
  • Support more than one vehicle.
  • Record data about your vehicle.

When you’re driving for work, it’s also useful to invest in a HUDS device. These project the info from the dash onto the windscreen, helping you to keep your eyes on the road. Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents, so it’s important to reduce distractions. In the event of an accident, you may require the support of professional truck accident lawyers.


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