5 Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Modern Non-Profit Organizations


The world has become increasingly digital in recent years, thanks to technological advances. This trend was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which made virtual meetings and events much more common. National restrictions on gatherings forced many non-profits to host virtual fundraising events instead of their usual in-person versions.

While the world is slowly returning to normal, there is still demand for such virtual events. These allow charities to spread their message further and attract donations from people that might not usually attend fundraisers. As such, virtual fundraisers now play an important role for modern non-profit organizations. Here are some fundraising ideas for such charities.

  1. Virtual Galas

During the pandemic, many charities were forced to take a different approach to their usual fundraising galas. It became commonplace for non-profits to host these events via virtual communication tools. While there has been some return to normal with in-person events, many charities are still using online events to reach new people without geographic restraints.

Using online communication tools, you can emulate traditional table approaches with online peer-to-peer fundraising and team captains. This approach can even lead to better donation totals since it can lead to increased attendance with lower overheads.

  1. Online Auctions

Auctions have been a favorite way for charities to raise money for years. Similar to galas, taking a virtual approach to these can increase donations for non-profit organizations. Hosting these events using digital platforms can expand the reach of such auctions, bringing in a larger pool of bidders.

If your non-profit is considering holding a virtual auction as a fundraiser, there are various things you must consider. Firstly, your organization will need to take stock of the items up for sale and clearly define the rules of the auctions for potential bidders. Next, you will need to competitively price the items and promote the event through email and social media channels.

You can also use a virtual auction as an opportunity to request donations separately to selling the items themselves. During the event, you can ask for money from donors at regular intervals. Not only will this help to further your charity’s cause, but it will help to keep your audience engaged throughout the fundraiser. To facilitate such requests, it can help to find a fundraising platform with a text to donate feature to make donations much more straightforward.

  1. Virtual Alcohol Tasting

It is difficult to host a dull alcohol tasting event whether you opt for craft beers, whiskey, or wine. While these are often best for in-person settings, there has been an uptick in the number of non-profits moving towards virtual versions of these fundraisers.

You can promote an event to prospective donors where the registration cost will include the purchase and shipping of alcohol to their location. Supporters will receive their beverages in time for the virtual event, where a professional connoisseur can educate them about the drink in question.

You will need to abide by some laws to host such an event, so ensure you communicate with your legal team during the planning phase. However, these can be an effective and fun way of raising money for the cause.

  1. Virtual Races or Endurance Events

It is common to see individuals participating in charity fun runs or other sporting events in a bid to raise money for a cause. Thanks to the internet, such events are no longer solely limited to in-person races.

Many charities now use virtual platforms to put on endurance events. Again, like the other suggestions above, using the internet allows them to expand the event’s reach and attract people who may not otherwise participate.

Often, the best solutions involve a virtual component alongside an in-person event. For example, if your non-profit is hosting a 5K run to raise money, consider incorporating an online treadmill event as well as the physical circuit. This helps to expand the fundraiser’s reach while retaining the appeal of more conventional methods of raising money.

  1. Online Art Exhibitions

Since no geographical regions are off-limits when fundraisers are taken online, you can use this to your advantage when organizing online art exhibitions or concerts. For example, your non-profit might be located in a rural region of the United States. Still, thanks to the internet, you can give your supporters a tour of prestigious institutions all around the globe.

While the size of your organization might limit your options when it comes to the most famous institutions, there are various smaller galleries you could use to host such an event. You can market this as a ticketed event, where the proceeds will go towards furthering your mission.


In summary, the landscape of non-profits and fundraisers has changed significantly since the outbreak of Covid-19. While in-person events are returning, many organizations have maintained their virtual efforts to expand their reach and increase donations.


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