5 Ways to Stay Connected to Coworkers While Working Remote


Remote working has so many advantages, both for the company and workers. However, there is one thing that is missing: the social connection. The connection can be so important for the work process. Luckily, there are some ways to stay connected with your coworkers even if you are miles apart. Let’s find out more!

  1. A little chit chat goes a long way

When you are at the office, you will have some chit chat here and there. Maybe you will meet a colleague when going to the coffee machine. And you will engage in short conversations that aren’t related to work. You don’t have to stop this just because you work remotely. A reasonable amount of personal chatting can help you maintain the bond. Even if you work from home, you can still ask your colleagues about how their weekend was.

A weekly virtual coffee meeting can be a nice way to catch up with your colleagues. This should be apart from your regular work meetings.

  1. Make yourself comfortable

One important thing when it comes to remote working is creating a comfortable working space. Pick a calm room in your home, where you can place all of your necessities. As you will need to make video calls, you might feel uncomfortable if they can see your laundry in the background.

According to Overheard on Conference Calls, working on a standing desk will feel more comfortable. It will allow you to stretch your legs and feel more energized.

  1. Engage in video communication

Working remotely means that there will be less nonverbal communication. You might have the best messaging methods to reach your colleagues, but there will be one thing missing. People communicate through body language as well. And you can’t do this via written messages. Nor even through the phone, even if the tone of their voice can speak a lot. Since you can’t communicate face-to-face, you should opt for video chatting. One on one video chats or even screen sharing with various people can help you stay connected.

  1. SMART goals

Remote working might lead to certain confusions. Each organization should come up with their SMART goals. These targets should be distributed on individual and collective levels. Workers can clearly communicate about their goals and the goals of their department. It is very important that everyone understands how success is measured in the company. This way, you can all work towards progress and achieving good results.

  1. Prompt responses

Another thing that the remote work is missing is the prompt responsiveness. When you are at the office surrounded by your colleagues, you will quickly get an answer to your question. When you are all in one place, you will perceive each other as available and open to anything. The process can be a little delayed when you work from home. With remote work, you should put your efforts to be available during work time. Your colleagues should feel free to contact you and know that they will receive a fast response.


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