6 Reasons Why Internet Marketing is Important for Healthcare Practice


Is your medical practice struggling to secure clients? Are you always lagging behind your competitors? It may be time for you to ditch traditional strategies for digital marketing. Virtually every customer in your locality is connected to the internet, and research indicates that an average American spends at least three hours per day browsing on the web. This is where you should focus your marketing efforts. In addition, digital marketing comes with many perks compared to old-school marketing techniques. Let’s look at some of the key reasons why your business should incorporate digital marketing in its marketing strategy.

  1. You can target specific health conditions

Digital marketing tools have sophisticated capabilities that allow you to sort your target audience into different categories; gender, age, medical history, and location. Consumers use specific keywords while searching for services on the web. Targeting exact keywords in your digital marketing strategy will sell your services directly to the  target audience.

  1. It is affordable

Hundreds of medical practitioners are struggling to reduce their cost per patient (CPA) every day. To put this into perspective, a report on vein practices marketing techniques, published by the Seminal Survey of the US, indicated that 68% of vein practitioners use print media marketing while 38% use television. Those that used print media had a CPA of $314, while TV had a CPA of $348. If they had used medical internet marketing strategies instead, they could have reduced these costs by an overwhelming 50% to only $149 while increasing the ROI of their businesses.

  1. Get customers’ feedback

Digital marketing platforms such as websites and social media sites are the best places to solicit feedback from previous clients. Patients often look for trustworthy practitioners, and a single positive review from a previous client can inject a sense of trust into a hundred other prospects. You can list your business on trust pilot or any other review site where customers can leave their feedback and link the review site to your digital media pages.

  1. Reach a larger audience

Digital marketing channels are boundless, and you can target any niche available on the internet. Unlike traditional marketing techniques, you can sell your medical services and products to consumers away from your locality.

  1. Swift communication

Digital marketing platforms have interactive features where you can instantly interact with your customers. For instance, social media pages have responsive chatbots that can generate automatic replies that keep customers engaged during off-office hours. You can utilize chatbots, messaging apps, and emails to pass relevant messages to your targeted audience.

  1. Your competitors are excelling in it

You don’t want to fall far from the pack of competitors who are already implementing these digital media techniques. Do a little digging into their digital marketing strategies and implement what works for you and your target customers.


Digital marketing has taken the business world by storm, and it only keeps getting better. As the technological revolution switches its gears, only digitally optimized businesses will be well-positioned for survival in the coming years. Don’t get left behind.


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