6 Tips to Choose the Best Cinematographer for Corporate Video Production


As a director, choosing the right cinematographer is a crucial step for high-quality video productions. Your corporate cinematographer is the person you will communicate with most and functions as the head of your film crew. The right DP ensures your videos are created on time, within vision, and hassle-free. Here are a few tips to make sure you choose the right cinematographer for your business video.

  1. Cast the Cinematographer

Just like choosing actors, taking a “casting” approach to choosing your DP can be an effective strategy. When working with a DP, you want to choose one that not only meshes with your vision for your videos but fits your work style as well. This helps you avoid stress and unnecessary conflict during video production.

  1. Check the Reel

One of the most important things you can do when choosing a cinematographer is properly evaluating their reel. Instead of simply gauging their video productions at face value, dive a little deeper and ask what their role was in the creative process. Additionally, discuss your vision with the DP and make sure they are confident they can shoot in the style you have in mind.

  1. Look at References

When working with a DP for a business video, checking references is often an overlooked step. While they may have the artistic ability necessary to shoot a great video, you don’t want to make the mistake of hiring someone hard to work with. Ask around and get a feel for how others in the industry feel about how they work.

  1. Consider Additions

What else can your cinematographer add to your video productions? Do they have a list of potential crew members they can bring to the project? Is he able to help secure equipment deals? Elements that add value to your video production may be the difference between two similarly skilled candidates.

  1. Watch for Communication

With corporate video production, communication is key. Being able to get your message across to the cinematographer is essential to getting projects done on time and within budget. Make sure that you spend some time in the hiring process to see how potential DPs communicate. Are they receptive to constructive criticism? Do they work well with other crew members? These are all essential skills in the business video environment.

  1. Technical Knowledge

While creativity can play an important role in finding a corporate cinematographer, you need to find someone with strong technical expertise as well. Having someone on your side that knows how depth of field relates to focal length and the rest of the science behind video creation is important. Take time during the hiring process to ask for technical knowledge. You don’t want someone that strays too far toward artistic vision without the mechanics to back it up.


Ultimately, choosing the right cinematographer for your corporate video is a balance between communication, vision, and technical expertise. You want to find someone that can help you create stunning videos but is also easy to work with. Checking references, considering added value, and taking the time to get to know their work style will help you find a corporate cinematographer that is perfect for the job.


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