6 Tips to Make Your Business More Tech-Savvy


Every business, large or small, can benefit from improved technological advancements. Unfortunately, not all businesses/companies are ready to embrace technology and incorporate it into their business operations right away. It can take business owners months or even years to fully integrate new, emerging business technologies into their business practices.

That said, not being tech-savvy can slow down business growth and lead to operational and financial inefficiencies in the long haul. With tons of online resources and the growing reliance on automation, the time is right to learn something new and adapt. Perhaps you want to broaden your business and turn it into an eCommerce powerhouse. Maybe you want to utilize technology to make CRM more convenient. Whatever the case may be, running tech-savvy operations will contribute to achieving your company’s long-term goals faster and improve profitability.

The tips mentioned below will allow forward-thinking entrepreneurs and business owners to promote a culture based around various technologies and build a more tech-savvy business as a whole.

Get good IT support

Suppose you’re going all out with tech integration. In that case, you’re going to need a specialist to manage all the systems, gadgets, networks, and software. Or a team of specialists depending on how big your company is. IT experts can help you stay informed regarding all the latest tech trends and incorporate them into your business operations. It will ensure a seamless transition from old to new ways of working.

Consider hiring expert IT service providers near your office to ensure excellent and timely service and minimum downtime. For example, suppose you run your business operations from the UK. In that case, a quick Google search for IT support in Wakefield will help you shortlist a few good options to hire. Read up their customer reviews and ring them up when you think you’ve found a suitable alternative.

Use more software and analytics

A customer relationship management software or CRM will enable you to analyze how your customers interact with your business and its website. It will give you much-needed insight into their behavioral interests and patterns. Similarly, accounting software will help maintain your business’s financial records and ensure tax compliance. After deploying useful software into your business operations, you’ll be able to automate laborious tasks previously prone to human error and increase your workforce’s overall productivity. In the long run, you’ll be cutting down on several unnecessary business costs and maximize profitability.

You can even deploy software that helps you generate more business. For instance, the Launchpad Marketing Cloud lets you identify your target audience and analyze their preferences and interests via comprehensive customer profile reporting. It also enables you to acquire new targeted leads as well.

Utilize online services

If your customers regularly request access to your business’s information or their accounts, it would be wise to make such information available online. An easy-to-navigate web-based service such as a customer portal will enable them to modify, add, or remove user details, view previous transactions, and manage their subscriptions without a hassle.

Doing so will effectively eliminate any need for the customers to pick up the phone and call your support team or show up in person to acquire more information. Improved customer service is something your existing customers will appreciate a lot. It will also help to spread positive word-of-mouth for your business.

Develop an app

Many small businesses are yet to incorporate a mobile app into their business plan. They find it less convenient to develop and a waste of funds. However, given that there are over 5 billion unique mobile users on the phone looking for on-the-go access to information, developing an app is an absolute necessity rather than a resource glut.

The app you develop should be simple to use. An app that contains technical jargon will be challenging to navigate, and customers will feel annoyed with something they don’t know how to use. Furthermore, an app is perfect for helping customers stay well-informed about any new trails, discounts, offers, or other benefits. A mobile app will show your customers that you are willing to stay ahead of the curve and adopt technology every chance you get. It is the perfect solution to genuinely making your business technologically superior and that too for tech-savvy customers.

Give social media a chance

While traditional marketing channels are irreplaceable, opting for digital platforms to promote your business is the more obvious choice in today’s date and age. It is vital to utilize the social media platforms of your choice. Doing so will allow you to market your business in unconventional, unique ways daily. You can connect with your target audience via consumer-to-business networks such as Facebook by utilizing eye-catching graphics and humourous viral content.

On the other hand, many businesses can find more success connecting with consumers through a business-to-business network such as LinkedIn with the help of statistics, case studies, or customer polls. Incorporating social media into the mix tells your customers that your business isn’t old-fashioned and that you are willing to move ahead with the changing technological times and trends.

Prioritize communication

Do your employees have to deal with long working hours? Or do your customers require 24/7 support? If yes, implement a live chat CTA on your website or opt for a ticketing system where your customers can easily communicate with you more efficiently.

You can also create a dedicated ‘frequently asked questions section on your website. Doing so will eliminate any back and forth communication with a confused customer. In the end, part of being a tech-savvy business is providing your audience with a way to communicate with you digitally while improving the customer experience in the process.


Your efforts to become a more tech-savvy business should present you with a tangible and easy way to help it cut costs and make more revenue. With the surge of numerous technological breakthroughs, there are various opportunities to accomplish this feat. Keep in mind. Customers nowadays spend more time on their smart devices. If you can’t find intelligent ways to solve their problems, you’ll lose the digital race.


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