6 Unexpected Benefits of Homeworking


Many people who work from home say that they’re much more productive than when they were in the office. One of the biggest reasons for this is that you won’t be wasting time commuting to work, which means you’ll spend more hours each day completing tasks. You’ll also save money on clothes and food since you won’t need to go out every day.

A lot has already been written about the benefits of homeworking. However, here are some unusual benefits that you may not have considered.

  1. Homeworking is pet-friendly

Homeworkers don’t need to worry about leaving their pet at home alone. Most pet owners would be horrified at the thought of leaving a dog or cat on its own in case it gets out. However, homeworkers don’t need to worry about this. Being at home removes the worry of what your cat or dog is getting up to whilst you are away from home.

Homeworkers will also benefit from having a pet around, and they are an excellent company and will help to instil a routine – the dog will still need to be taken for walks and provides an excellent excuse to get away from the desk to take a short break.

  1. Other family members will benefit from office space

You won’t be using your desk all of the time, which makes it available to other family members that need access to equipment such as home printers and scanners or simply need a quiet place to complete homework or revision.

  1. Homeworkers can have a healthier lifestyle

You’ll no longer be limited to the unhealthy food options available in fast-food restaurants and other convenient outlets. Homeworkers have easier access to fresh fruit and vegetables, so you’ll be able to enjoy tasty meals without having to rely on unhealthy foods that are low in nutrients.

  1. Homeworking provides variety

Homeworkers can work in a variety of locations. A common misconception is that you need to work in an office to be productive – but this isn’t true. Today’s technology makes it possible to work from anywhere – all you need is a laptop and a local internet connection. The only downside is that many employers will expect you to always remain contactable whilst on the move, even for personal calls such as family emergencies.

  1. Homeworking supports inclusivity

Homeworking is often considered to be a solution for people with disabilities or mobility issues. It also helps to accommodate people who have caring responsibilities, such as parents and their children, carers and their elderly relatives.

By removing the need to physically be in an office for a set time, companies can be more flexible in their approach to employing those with disabilities or caring responsibilities.

  1. Homeworking provides greater personal security

Homeworkers don’t have to worry about the dangers associated with commuting, such as traffic accidents and crime. Homeworkers can also avoid being intimidated in an office environment where they may feel left out from the conversations, therefore making them less likely to express their opinions in case it makes them unpopular with their colleagues.

The benefits of working from home go beyond the individual, so it is highly unlikely that we will see a significant return to the old ways of working.


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