7 Amazing Tips to Help Select the Right Vehicle Wrap Design


Small businesses largely depend on wrap marketing. Generally, the outer portion of a vehicle is fully or partially covered with the advertisement. Your vehicle will be painted with an advertisement or use a large vinyl sheet to minimize the cost of changing an advertisement.

All the sides of your vehicle will be used as advertisement space. However, the wrap design plays a vital role in determining its intended impact on viewers.

One of the reasons for the increased popularity of vehicle wrap ads is because it turns the vehicle into a moving billboard. As your vehicle moves around in a city, thousands of people will see the wrap advertisements.

Basically, a vehicle wrap is a mobile billboard with a lot of advertisement space. It works well for small businesses as you’ll be required to pay once. At a low marketing cost, you’re able to give your business the best exposure to your target audience.

But, designing vehicle wraps is not as easy as it seems. It requires a lot of research. Unless you’re a designer yourself, you’ll need to seek the help of a design company to design the wraps for you.

If you’re looking to use wrap advertising to your advantage, consider these tips when choosing the right vehicle wrap design:

  1. Ensure It Addresses Your Brand and Market

Your vehicle wrap design should align with your brand message. The kind of image, color, typeface, as well as any element you use, should send the right brand message to your target audience.

Since your vehicle wrap is meant to express your brand identity, ensure that your wrap ad design bears your brand message.

  1. Measure the Vehicle Sides

Before starting to create a vehicle wrap design, be sure to take measurements of the vehicle.

  • Measure the sides, rear, roof, bumpers, and hood of the vehicle.
  • Take direct photos of all sides of the vehicle
  • Ensure you have both the measurements and photos of any curves of the vehicle as well as door handles, body breaks, rivets, etc.

Be sure to bring the vehicle at the design shop for measurements and photographs. Through this, you’ll have an idea of how the ad will appear on the vehicle when complete.

  1. Consider Your Competitors’ Wraps

Your wrap will not give the expected results if it doesn’t stand out from the rest.

While a designer knows the value of having a unique wrap, it is only after doing competitive analysis that they can create something unique.

So, even as you consider your briefs, it is important to research the ads that other businesses in the same industry are using. Then come up with a design idea that is both exciting and outstanding.

  1. Use Bright Colors

One of the most notable design elements is the color. Professional graphic designers and van customization companies such as Pacific Truck Colors know how valuable and powerful colors are, in evoking the desired emotions. They are able to pick colors that evoke the right emotion in line with your brand message. This way, you can reach more people and have a huge impact.

  1. Go for Bold Lettering

You want your vehicle wrap to be seen clearly even from a distance, right? Consider using bold letters.

By using bold letters, you can capture even the attention of people traveling in vehicles. What’s more, bigger designs are memorable as they are overwhelming.

While most wrap ads letters are handwritten to create an exciting and fun environment, you can still use a conventional typeface while still keeping it big and bold.

  1. Don’t Overcrowd Your Design

Your vehicle wrap design needs to be as simple as possible. Avoid overcrowding your design with excess design elements.

While your ads need to be colorful and eye-catching, avoid adding too many images and other unnecessary elements. Yes, your ads should be colorful and dynamic but still maintain a high level of sophistication.

To make your message stand out, avoid unnecessary clutter. Remember that simplicity is among the parameters used to evaluate the effectiveness of the quality graphic design, your wrap ad included.

  1. Consider the Finished Looks

Your wrap design needs to look great and impactful in all aspects. To know how your wrap looks from different angles, do the following:

  • Observe the vehicle closely to see how the text looks.
  • Move the vehicle to see how it looks; it is visible and impressive.
  • Observe how the vehicle looks when parked or when waiting in traffic.


Image Credit: hedgehog94 / Shutterstock.com


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