7 Effective Ways to Market Your Software Company


A software startup can be a very lucrative business idea, proven by the popularity of online and virtual systems and the development of technology. What matters is how you best promote your software company to drive success. Below are listed seven effective ways to help you achieve that.

  1. Content is King

You need all your content to drive interest in your software and help people to understand why it’s the most suitable option for them. Vary your content to provide educational, conversational and topical content, so that your software can always be portrayed as relevant.

If your target market isn’t versed in the technical ins and outs of software, it can be a huge marketing benefit to help them first understand what your software does, by using content. The better they understand it, the more inclined they’ll be to invest in it.

  1. Place Ads

Ads will help to get the word out about your software product, so be sure to plan for ads to be placed on the right pages, at the right time, for your target market.

  1. Don’t Neglect Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization is what is going to drive your business forward in terms of search traffic. You need your software to be easily found, and as most people will turn to a search engine to find online software they can access right when they need it, you need to be sure that your business is coming up in the top results for your chosen keywords.

  1. Specialize Your SEO

To take it one step further, not only should you concentrate on SEO, but you should tailor it as much as possible for software promotion, too. Focus on SaaS SEO specifically means you can push your product in the right way.

  1. Make Your Software Easily Accessible

One of the most appealing things about software can be the ease of access, so you’ll want first to develop this and then market it accordingly. For example, software which can easily be downloaded at the click of a button will drive more interest than one which needs to be installed by a physical disc. Use this to your advantage and market your ease-of-access.

  1. Drive Positive Reviews

New software products can be a risky business for consumers who can’t see that you have any positive history with customers. With concern over what internet users should be downloading or using, trust is a huge thing when it comes to using new software. Therefore, driving as many customer referrals and positive reviews as possible will help.

You can increase the chances of positive reviews by following up with consumers after purchases and requesting feedback.

  1. Don’t Just Stay Online

While your software may be primarily virtual, that doesn’t mean that you have to be. Attending relevant meetings, trade shows, talks and networking events means you can get the all-important word out about your software company, as well as learning more about the industry you’re in.


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