8 Creative Custom Sticker Marketing Ideas


Some see stickers as a hot commodity, especially when there are stickers they can get that no one else will have. People make up sticker collections, like adding a sticker of each place they have visited or for things they have done.

These sticky art pieces can relay a message, add creative flair to objects, mark personal things, or convey a bit of the person’s character. Furthermore, stickers are so versatile that their creators can customize them to fit any setting.

Custom stickers make excellent marketing tools, and creators can add some extra creativity to make their marketing campaigns a success:

1) Give Some Away

Stickers are probably the most practical item to use when giving something away. Suppliers like Stickeroo Sticker Printing can print them at a fraction of the cost of other promotional items companies may use for marketing. Another bonus of this marketing method is that most people enjoy receiving items for free. Add a sticker to invoices, packaging, or as an extra to products so customers can enjoy their sticker surprise.

2) Use Stand Out Colors And Materials

Visual marketing is one of the most successful ways to promote a product, as seen with many adverts on billboards, television ads, and in-store marketing. It means that the public is more likely to pay attention to something that visually interests them. Bright colors, exciting designs, and creative use of materials like hologram stickers could be more successful as a marketing tool.

3) Create A Limited Edition

A one-of-a-kind item becomes more valuable over time, so why not connect a business name or logo to a similar concept? Make a company logo, name, or slogan stand out by having stickers printed that not many will have the privilege of owning. Limited edition items always come with a certain allure that many people are attracted to, and creating a little mystery around a company would want others to learn more.

4) Attend A Trade Show

Trade shows can be one of the best places to promote a business, and when staff members arm themselves with beautifully made stickers, not many can resist a visit to the stall. Giving away or even selling good-quality items like branded stickers can boost traffic to the booth and spread the word about the products and services the company offers.

5) Hand Outs At Special Events

In some areas, there may be special events like motivational speaking, cook-offs, or something similar, and handing out stickers at these events could be a great way to boost a company’s marketing. Stickers are small enough not to take over the event’s goal but impactfully sufficient to promote a clear message to potential clients. Better yet, combine a speech with the sticker handout, and it could be a guaranteed success.

6) Brand Some Merchandise

Instead of handing out plain merchandise or selling them, for that matter, add a personalized sticker to mark them. Employees love the idea of their names being on a water bottle, and it creates the impression that the company cares for them. The company branding can travel wherever the employees go or where the business sells its merchandise. Stickers can go anywhere, so make sure they are part of the company’s products.

7) Put Stickers On Floors, Doors, Walls, And Windows

Another great feature of stickers is that companies can print them in many different sizes. Vinyl stickers with instructions for patrons where to queue, which office they should visit, or other information could be convenient. Add a company logo to them, promoting the business throughout the office. Clients won’t get the skillful designs out of their minds anytime soon when they are constantly around them all day.

8) Become A Sponsor

Some charities are forever looking for sponsors to help them succeed. Why not help them out by sponsoring some stickers for all of their needs? Be sure to include a company logo or slogan or some contact details on the stickers to market the business while being charitable. The arrangement makes for a win-win situation for the charity and its sponsor.

Sticking To The Facts

Stickers give businesses so many fantastic opportunities to market themselves at a minimal fee! Add some color, find the best design, and wow the customers with some creative, arty stickers they would all want to have.

If a company needs a creative way to boost its image in the market, there isn’t a better way to use stickers’ versatility to bring its message across. Short and powerful messages go a long way to help companies promote themselves through their products or services, and stickers are the perfect medium to share information.

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