8 Must Have Home Office Accessories to Boost Productivity


The coronavirus pandemic was a deadly plague that threatened human existence and the global economy. Due to its prevalence and potential to spread, many measures were put in place to checkmate this virus and prevent a disastrous outbreak.

To curb the spread of the novel virus, companies worldwide shut their facilities temporarily, forcing their employees to set up temporary home offices. Of course, a problem was solved, but another arose.

Some employers found it difficult to set up a standard home-office to cater to their office tasks. They weren’t sure of what to buy, and the result of this sheer ignorance affected their productivity.

While we are almost out of the coronavirus era, a few employers who still work from home suffer from low productivity due to bad choices of home office accessories. If you are on this bandwagon, or perhaps, you have a business and wish to run it from home, you’ll need to stock your home with the right office accessories.

Below, we have recommended a few home office accessories for increased productivity.

  1. Home desk office

Of course, a work desk remains one of the most important home office accessories. It is where you’ll station your laptops, computers, books, phone, and other office supplies. While there are many home desks out there, selecting that which suits your business tasks, home office layout, and budget is important.

If you love lots of space, you should consider a larger desk, probably one that comes with compartments where you can tuck those little office accessories. On the other hand, if you like to stand and stretch throughout the day to relieve your body from stress, you can consider purchasing a standing desk converter. A standing desk converter is a unique piece of furniture that allows you to alternate between standing and sitting positions. Aside from that, it is very portable, so you can bring it to any office space you work from and have a standing desk.

  1. Home office chair

After a desk office, what next? Of course, you wouldn’t sit on the air or the floor. Consider buying a comfortable chair as you will spend a huge chunk of your time seated on it. You can go for a roll or incline, whichever fits your budget and taste.

Also, and most importantly, make sure the chair you buy matches your desk. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a little three-legged chair to match a gigantic office desk.

  1. Lightning

You definitely wouldn’t want to stress your eyes while working. Even while working on a sunny day, you’ll need something to complement the natural light, which positively impacts your mood. Go for a desk lamp or floor lamp to shed some light on your workplace and make it beautiful.

  1. Video conferencing camera

If you are working from home, you’ll need the means to connect with your colleagues. I am not referring to a social media account or a WhatsApp group chat. Instead, I am referring to something that helps you connect virtually.

As you know, video calls remain one of the best ways to initiate a virtual connection. And to facilitate this connection, you’ll need a camera, but not just any camera. You’ll need to invest in a high-quality video conferencing camera to ensure that your video conference isn’t marred with blurred vision. Furthermore, you’ll need to purchase a microphone and a speaker.

Instead of purchasing these gadgets individually, you can get a camera (360 degrees) that is equipped with a standard microphone and speaker.

  1. Phonebooth

A phone booth in a home office? Of course, this addition can be very beneficial to your business (as a business owner operating their business from home) and your productivity as an employee working from home.

This gadget helps shut out distractions and provides you with a significant amount of privacy. Installing phone booths for open offices in your home modernizes your office, gives it that professional vibe, and raises the professionalism of your phone calls. If you own a business and operate an open office layout, purchasing this gadget is a must if you wish to raise workplace productivity.

  1. Keyboard and mouse

Many of us are in love with the simplicity that comes with using a laptop without a mouse. While such a setup is indeed cool, it could affect your productivity. To ensure that your productivity doesn’t dwindle while working from home, it makes sense to purchase a mouse and a keyboard (both wireless).

A wireless mouse and keyboard will help declutter your workspace, thus giving you more room for better organization.

  1. Computer or laptops

A home office isn’t complete without computers or laptops unless you have an abacus or a typewriter lying somewhere. With a laptop or a computer, remote work is quite easy.

Do you wish to send files to your boss? You can do that with the help of your computer. What if you want to prepare an excel spreadsheet for inventory? You can as well rely on your computer to get the job done quickly and easily.

While a standard home-office consists of a computer and laptop, you can get a laptop to start with and purchase a computer later. Common types of computers for a home office are iMac (24 inches), Microsoft Surface Studio, Apple iMac Pro, Acer Aspire Z24-UA91 All-in-One PC.

  1. Office supplies

After furnishing your office with a laptop, computer, lightning, comfy chair coupled with a matching table, it makes sense to consider those little and often-ignored office supplies.  Office supplies help enhance workplace productivity. Commonly used office supplies are taps (dispenser), paper clip holder, ruler, pushpins, bulldog clip, scissors, calculator, staples, stapler, etc. To maintain a perfect home office arrangement, you can consider arranging each office’s supplies based on their category.


The office accessories you have stationed in your home office are key to your productivity, hence the need to ensure that you go for the right stuff. Ensure you consider what you need and purchase them rather than buy anything that comes to mind. Furthermore, prioritize quality over quantity as you need quality products if you want to improve productivity.


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