9 Most Demanding Mac Tools and Software for Modern Managers


In the USA, the average working hours are jaw-dropping i.e. 1768 per annum. In most of the professions, people spend these hours in front of a computer. But many times, employees spend time on low-quality works such as searching for specific tools, browsing unproductive websites, or reacting to email, etc. whereas, all these works can be accomplished with the help of smart technology.

If you wondered “how” don’t worry. This write-up will discuss a list of the 9 most demanding tools for Mac that every manager must use to ensure work accuracy and speed.

  1. Alfred

Alfred is a little challenging app for the manager, but there is nothing better than this if you start using it. Alfred contains a list of shortcut tools that assists in performing tasks such as calculations, launch applications, web pages search, finding files, and many more!!

ALFRED allows you to use some list of created shortcuts, even if you want to use some application, you can add them. Using this tool is an amazing way to complete tasks in a short time.

  1. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a business-grade application to increase team productivity. Therefore, around the globe, millions of companies are using the smart sheet. The best part is that the smart sheet has a simple and familiar interface that enables to present multiple views in the form of a Gantt chart, calendar, and card.

The automated tools give timely reminders for emails, web forms, or alerts. The best part is that its Online collaboration and integration make it easy to communicate and partner with others. The Mac-friendly features of the smart sheet help the users to import MSP files from the system.

  1. ProjectManager

ProjectManager is a real-time management tool for modern managers. If you want to keep track of your employees real-time visibility of this software helps you to achieve business targets. You can check the system anytime and from anywhere from the globe. Information related to tasks achieved, pending, and on what time can be easily seen in the form of charts or agile practices.

Apart from this, it assists in setting project start and end dates to eliminate communication barrier messages. As a result, a clear message assists in enhancing business goodwill.

  1. Terminals

The terminal on Mac is a command system that enables managers to control operating systems and make significant changes. For example, if you want to check an employee’s mac login time, you can get all details from the terminal till history. If you are looking, how to open terminal in mac, don’t be worried a simple step can land you on the terminal tool. You can choose finder to directly go to the spotlight.

When you reach the terminal, it will present a command option that involves, command itself, specific tools to modify the given command, and an argument to operate. You just need to fill in details carefully to make the best use of the terminal.

  1. Online Microsoft project

Microsoft office was developed around three decades and from that day, it still keeps on improving itself. As a result, an improved interface comes with the latest features that help in making a manager’s task easy and effortless. There is an auto-complete function that fills up repetitive words. If the user wants to see the project schedule, progress in graphical form can help.

Microsoft office is one of the most reliable tools that can work both either online or offline. One can easily be integrated with other MS programs for a wide range of project management tasks.

  1. LaunchBar

Using a Launchbar is a perfect way to use and open important files with a single click from the mac’s menu bar. You can easily go to the folder without leaving any history behind it. There is also a customization option to add or remove your favorite files and apps.

LaunchBar offers more than 1000 features at one interface. The most common usages of the LaunchBar are using Clipboard History to access recently copied items, shortcuts for web searches, quickly creating new email messages and many more!!

  1. Transmit 4

Transmit 4 is one of the highly recommended tools for managers. It comes with two amazing features such as Transmit Disk and Sync. Basically, Sync allows you to pick up two folders and sync their contents. In addition, Transmit 4 assists in transfer applications and creates connections between servers using iDisk protocols, FTP, SFTP, and Amazon S3. With Transmit 4 one can easily download, upload, and delete files in a few simple steps.

You can set some rules to skip certain files, like source control files. The major reason for the high popularity of this tool is that it is Mac users-centric that enables their working process faster.

  1. ImageOptim

ImageOptim is an excellent way to make your Mac and iPad applications look smaller than the actual size. Even if you want to publish an image on the internet ImageOptim can help you. Advanced JPEG compression features help to improve compression and increase the quality of compressed photos.

There are some advanced features in ImageOptim that are not available anywhere else such as Color profile support. So, if your website has a back-end for processing images choose ImageOptim’s API for appealing image looks.

  1. 1Password

Being a manager, you need to deal with a number of ids and passwords for different purposes. Therefore, it becomes very hard to learn all passwords by heart and more difficult to write them. Using 1Password for all your apps is one of the best solutions. It keeps protecting all your files and eliminates the hassle of learning them. Above all, you can focus more on your business productivity than spending time on irrelevant things.


Although Mac comes with all the latest features and applications, still you need something to improve output in a limited time. Using all these tools and software keeps the manager updated with technology. Moreover, these can make your life simpler and boost productivity.




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