9 Online Tools Veterans Can Use to Get a Job


For a vast number of post-9/11 generation of veterans, the experience of coming back to civilian life has been markedly different than any previous generation of servicemembers in our country’s history. There are no parades or protests; instead, there is just anonymity.

Though anyone in the community of post-9/11 veterans will tell you that the needs of this generation differ from those who come before. This is not only due to the situation on the home front, where most of the country has forgotten about the “Forever Wars” but also the fact that many veterans are trying to integrate after the experiences of multiple tours.

While many sites provide help and support for veterans dealing with the mental and physical ramifications of their time in the duty; there remains a need to help veterans find employment after their time in the armed forces is over.

If you find yourself recently separated from active duty, then read on as here are nine online tools vets can use to get a job.

  1. GI Jobs

This is an online community for veterans which included an ever-changing list of educational and career opportunities. There is also a pay calculator function which you can use to figure out how your military pay grade translates into what civilians are making these days.

Beyond this, the site also curates a job board which matches the requirements of civilian jobs to their military equivalent. You can also search by location, so if you are looking for employment after your time in uniform, then you will want to check this out.

  1. Military Connection

Another great resource for those seeking jobs for veterans is Military Connection. Besides offering a plethora of resources including those on housing and education, the site has a jobs portal. This feature allows you to load your resume, so that you can be found by employers and to search job listings from employers who value the skills and experience veterans can bring to their companies.

  1. Feds Hire Vets

While working for the government gets a bad rap in certain quarters, the reality is that governments across the country are the largest employers of veterans. While this website is specifically for searching federal job openings it shouldn’t be overlooked if you are looking for a job.

  1. Veteran Employment Center

This site is run by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and it not only provides resources to guide you through your journey back to civilian life, but it provides a tool to help you translate military job codes into their civilian equivalents. There is also a jobs bank, which has roughly 1.5 to 2 million jobs on offer at any given time.

  1. LinkedIn

You might be surprised to know that LinkedIn has set up a service for veterans to find jobs. This includes a free one-year subscription to their premium service as well as access to courses on Lynda.com. Not only does this help you to save $360, but you can use the courses to upskill.

Lastly, LinkedIn has become the search tool of preference for most recruiters and headhunters. It doesn’t matter if your work is considered “white-collar” or “blue-collar” set up a profile as this might be the only way that potential employers can find you.

  1. Hire Heroes USA

This site provides no-cost transition support to those who are transitioning from active duty, veterans, or their spouses. Services include career coaching, workshops, and counselling. While their approach is more hands-on compared to some of the other sites mentioned on this list, the work they do can change the lives of those who use the service.

  1. Fastport

It may sound cliché, but Fastport is your passport for finding jobs in the logistics industry. Functions include linking jobs with previous experience levels and the site even offers a live chat option to help members find the right job.

  1. Military Hire

This is a hiring network which can connect you with employers, many of whom are also veterans, who are seeking to hire vets. When you sign up, just post your resume and then begin searching for available jobs. There is even an automated search which will help you to get a job after your time in the service.

  1. Hire Purpose

Created for vets, by vets, Hire Purpose helps to address many of the gaps in the process of re-entering the civilian workforce. This includes a tool to help you build your resume, interview tips, and ideas on how to make the most of your job search.  An added feature is that the team at Hire Purpose will even follow up with prospective employers – helping them to hire the right people and for you to find the right job.

As you can see, there is no shortage of resources for veterans seeking to build a career after their military service. If you are a vet and you are currently looking for a job, then check these online tools out.


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