9 Worthwhile Ideas for Celebrating Employee Appreciation Week 2020


While the official unofficial holiday falls on the first Friday of March and lasts only a day, a weeklong celebration is not much of a stretch either. After all, it’s not every day or every week that companies show love, cheer, and support for the people who make things, including moving mountains, happen.

When employees are happy, they are more productive and engaged in their roles. But what pleases them on a week dedicated to their toils and contributions? For those in charge of the festivities, you are on the right page for ideas to spend the best Employee Appreciation Week ever.

Get Out of the Office

And no, it’s not for team-building activities, which you can schedule for another time. Elect a day to go somewhere lovely without following a strict program, except for some games to break the monotony. This trip is about giving people time to mingle, taking a breather from the usual office cares, and just doing nothing.

Hunt for Easter Eggs

Instead of the traditional Easter eggs, this hunt will cover gifts that one can use for work and leisure, like headsets, mice, USB hubs, flash drives, and notebooks. The party-planning committee will tuck a piece of paper with the name of the object underneath chairs, desks, and appliances. Whoever finds a note gets a prize. If the management is feeling generous, every day is good for Easter-egg hunting.

Everyone Gets Cash

There are complaints about cash not being that effective to motivate employees, but giving money has its merits, especially when done on the spot. The drill is for the managers to go up to their team members, say thanks, and give out the cash. It’s a grand gesture, for sure.

Give the Gift of Education

Professional development represents a significant step to climb the corporate ladder of one’s career. The management can purchase online courses as gifts to employees. The move is a win for both sides: the employee applies the takeaways of the course at work, and the company saves on costs to update training materials.

Write Them Cards

“Are you butter? Because you are on a roll.” It’s one of those things you can write on thank-you cards for the hardworking folks at the office. Wit is a talent to have at times when you need to say it on paper, but sincerity melts the heart too. Time to bring back the practice of giving handwritten cards.

Have-a-Burrito Day

Here’s another holiday: National Burrito Day on the first Thursday of April. Office workers can relate because burritos are their go-to and make-ahead breakfast, lunch, or snack. They’re a tasty surprise to have a burrito food cart serve it fresh, along with tacos, enchiladas, and other yummy Mexican delicacies.

Say It with Coffee

The treats never end, and it is freshly brewed coffee this time. Employees can order their favorite blend or concoction, courtesy of the company. Another way is to buy a bag of premium coffee beans that everyone can take turns brewing. One cup sets the wheels in motion for a productive day at the office.

Early Out

Japan’s Premium Friday is about cutting the long hours of work and stimulating consumer spending. As for your company’s employee appreciation week, ask the management to shorten one workday from, say, seven to five hours. Or those who can finish their deliverables before Friday can leave earlier than they usually do. Employees who are primary caregivers will say yes to this.

Celebrate Employees

Cap the weeklong celebration with an awards ceremony on the actual employee appreciation day. Although the highly effective and efficient are expected to headline the event, others who have made a mark one way or another get recognition too.

Make the day extra special with custom award plaques. It’s a once-in-a-year ceremony that deserves well-thought-of and professionally crafted certificates for worthy and loyal employees.

There can be more activities to pack in all week to honor the time and effort of all employees. Fun, engaging, and memorable have a place in this year’s employee appreciation week to give back to celebrate the heroes who don’t wear capes.


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