Amazing Signage Ideas for Successful Corporate Events


When it comes to hosting successful corporate events, the role of signage is immense. And this applies to both, solo events as well as participation in trade shows. From attracting the attendees to creating brand awareness and adding a memorable value to your business, there is much it can do for you. Signs and displays often communicate important messages too, whether you are launching the brand, promoting a new product, or are just advertising your company at the event.

At the same time, they can also be used for wayfinding or providing directions so that attendees can locate you amid the array of competitors participating in a trade show event. How far your signage is able to deliver these benefits totally depends on their design and engagement value. Their placement at the venue is equally important because nothing works till these are actually visible. Here are some ideas that you can implement for making an impact with your signage at a corporate event.

Think big with the promotions

Event venues are often grand and you can expect access to huge spaces to showcase your promotional stuff. Why not use billboard-size banner graphics that have the attention-grabbing potential even from a distance? The bigger your signage is, the better are the chances of reaching out and making an impact. After all, the key objective of events is to get an extensive reach and banners do half the work for you. Apart from displaying big signs, make sure that they are durable as well. This can be a good investment because these pieces can be reused at another event if their condition remains good enough.

Define your space at the venue

Apart from getting your brand the promotional attention it deserves; signage can literally make you stand apart at the event where there are multiple brands on display. After all, making yourself visible in the crowd will serve the objective of being there. You can use the signage for designating an event area specifically for your brand’s promotion. For example, you can use A-frames for displaying graphics on both sides, while barricading the area. Similarly, you can use printed signage as fencing for your stall and also have custom signage for covering tables and other stuff. There couldn’t be a better way for defining your space at a venue which probably has hundreds of others trying to get attention.

Use the right mix of signage

Achieving success with solo events as well as multi-participant shows can be challenging because the competition in the business landscape is huge. Using the right mix of signage can take you a step closer. There are a lot of options you can explore, from indoor and outdoor tents to branded canopies, parking lot signs, tabletop displays, wall and window graphics, and more. And you can check to see options in banners for grand openings. It all depends on the right combination with a mix and match that attracts the audience and compels them to become your customers. Consider using double-duty signage ideas, like the ones that serve as advertising, informational, and wayfinding signs.

Focus on a great design

Apart from selecting the right mix of signage to be displayed at your corporate event, you should go the extra mile with design. Fortunately, you can order custom designs that replicate your brand’s image in terms of colors, logo, and tone of voice. When it comes to the information you should have on the signs, your signage provider can offer some good suggestions. Essentially, it should have the company contact info, logo, and event theme. The text should be simple and clear and you should avoid information overloading as well. The judicious use of white space can prevent the overcrowding of elements, which makes it easy to read. If the banner is purpose-specific, ensure that it has the right signs and directions.

Consider portable signage

Another out-of-the-box idea is to use signage that is portable so that your visitors can carry them home. People appreciate souvenirs and would surely want to carry something as a memory. Distributing small flags and cards is a great idea because they will engage the audience and serve as portable promotional material as well. Something they carry home is sure to act as a brand reminder. Similarly, if they display it at their office space, it will be like a free promotion for your business. People dropping in at their workplaces are likely to see your signage and may even want to find more about your business and offerings.

Start at the door

The purpose of a corporate event is to connect with the audience for a specific purpose. A good communication strategy is the one that starts by engaging the guests right when they enter the venue. Ideally, you should have them right on the entrance door, even at the parking lot if possible. You can have special ones that offer directions to the best parking spots so that the attendees can reach the right entrance easily. This shows your intention to do something extra for the attendees. A welcome sign at the entrance is equally important as it extends warmth in your hospitality.

Don’t forget the social angle

In the era of social media, the last thing you would want to do is to forget the social angle. Creating hype with signage is all about drawing the attendees into highlighting the event across social media platforms. Think of compelling ways of getting them into action, such as putting up a selfie wall that promotes your brand subtly. People are bound to fall for such photo opportunities and share the pictures on social media, which means that you can actually get extensive promotions without spending a dime.

While these smart signage ideas can kick start your corporate event, you should always ensure the quality of products you invest in. It always makes sense to have durable products that the last event after event with a one-time investment. You will actually end up saving in the long run!


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