Anthenea: The ultimate in sea pod luxury


Designed like something out of a James Bond movie, the boat pod, Anthenea, is being touted as the future take on eco-sea luxury.

The 538-square-foot Anthenea is the world’s first autonomous and eco-friendly floating suite equipped with high-end facilities. It can be used as a hotel suite, or if you wish even an intimate night club or spa.

The dome-shaped pod has been designed by naval architect Jean-Michel Ducancelle and it seems he was inspired by the flying saucer featured in the Bond movie—The Spy who Loved me.

Anthenea eco-friendly sea luxury dome-shaped submersible

 This labor of love was in the making for the past 15 years and is outfitted with five south-facing solar panels that soak up the sun and power the electric motors and mechanical systems.

The Anthenea pod or capsule might look compact on the outside, but inside it is made up of three main living spaces—a daytime area that has a wet bar and lounge furniture that look out to sea through an underwater window. The nighttime zone has a circular bed and a bathtub. The pop-up “relaxation area” can be reached by a staircase and provides a 360-degree rooftop solarium big enough for 12 people, says a company statement. All interior elements are entirely made from sustainable materials. Anthenea adapts to a wide temperature range (-30°C to +40°C).

An added advantage is for people with weak sea legs can also take a ride. The company claims the boat mitigates seasickness due to its stabilizing ballasting. Anthénea offers an ecological way to lighten the load of coastal tourism while promoting sustainable travel, which is our ultimate future.

Anthenea eco-friendly sea luxury dome-shaped submersible

The architect cum engineer of the Anthenea pod has designed it so that it can withstand the cataclysmic rise of oceans. It uses the surface tension principle, hence the spherical shape to offer optimal resistance to the extreme conditions under the sea.

“By its shape and lift on water technology, the peripheral crown enhances the stability of the pod,” said the design team. It is equipped with silent electric motors that can keep it afloat indefinitely.

“Anthénea only uses solar power. An energy sensor dome meets the electrical and hot water needs. The home is equipped with certified black and gray water stations. She produces what she consumes and releases clean water only,” said the team. The domed shape helps optimize the sun’s rays for solar power and blend seamlessly into the environment. The central well serves as an undersea observatory and natural air conditioning system.

It has a solarium with a motorized reclinable sunshade roof that automatically switches in the wind direction and facilitates the natural ventilation of the living areas.

One can upgrade the suites to include a desalination system and wood-burning stove that can be installed anywhere with zero environmental impact.

Anthena is promoting sustainable tourism with its design choices and use of all-natural elements as far as possible.

A buy will set you back by at least $535,000.


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