Anyone interested in an anonymous salary posting platform for sales professions


Hey sales people of reddit,

I recently came across this article :

And was wondering if anyone would be interested in using a
platform where you can see and post anonymous salary, OTE, average
deal sizes, and job reviews in a more clear and concise fashion
than Glassdoor. Ofc it’ll be permanently free to use, and
eventually it can serve as a job board when it amasses a growth of

Glassdoor is all over the place when it comes to salary
postings, and it seems that the salaries on the site are lower than
they are in reality.

Essentially a platform that is similar to but for sales oriented jobs.
It could also serve as an anonymous discussion place/forum for
sales people as well.

I’m not a salesperson yet – currently just student majoring in
Information Systems and interested in making products. I am
pursuing a career in sales and want to make something that would
benefit sales people or people looking to break into the industry.
I’ve been hacking together a design all day and have my wireframe
done, just want to validate this idea and if its worth

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