Are Loan Services Economically Effective?


It may not be something many borrowers think about, but the economic effectiveness of loan services is a topic that some are debating. There is no denying how important the banking sector is to the economy, helping people to borrow money by lending and charging interest, helping individuals and businesses achieve their dreams and spread the cost of living in modern society much more easily and much quicker. Here are some of the ways loan services are economically effective.

Helping Stimulate Growth

One of the many benefits of loan services is that without them, spending activity would drastically reduce. If individuals or businesses were unable to borrow money at all, their spending habits would be far more cautious and have a negative impact on the economy as a whole. If someone needed to cover a financial emergency and didn’t have the savings or available credit to cover it, using payday loans online UK services helps provide short term cash to do so. This not only helps the individual resolve their unexpected circumstances, but it also helps the lender continue to provide their services to other people in need from the interest earned on repayments. This delicate ecosystem can be damaged by unexpected economical events, such as the impact of COVID-19 in 2020. Unprecedented circumstances meant many lenders stopped borrowing completely, in part to many borrowers freezing payments on mortgages and loans. Borrowers need lenders and vice versa, otherwise economic growth cannot be achieved.

Holding Financial Assets

The main purpose of financial institutions is to keep hold of assets for businesses and individuals. The banks in particular rely on holding assets to be able to borrow more and offer further products to consumers such as savings options, providing a safe place to store your hard-earned cash. Without the holding of financial assets, they would not be able to help support businesses who in turn provide important services to consumers. Banks are generally more profitable if they offer loan services from the profits they make from customer deposits, enabling them to offer more diverse products from mortgages to business loans as well as overdrafts on customer bank accounts. Many individuals would struggle without the financial help of banks, and in turn, the economy would also struggle. With fewer financial assets being held, less money can be lent and consumer spending for expensive products such as property would decrease over time.

Economic Stability Overall

Whilst loan lenders and services have their critics, and many individuals should focus on savings to reduce their credit dependency, their role in the economy’s performance is critical. During times of inflation, consumers may see the costs of goods and services increase, leaving them priced out of the market and meaning their money does not go as far on the things they need. As economic stability is needed and consumers will lose buyer confidence and keep hold of their money for longer, governments will raise interest rates to counter this. Similarly, as seen in 2020, if a recession hits, interest rates are reduced to help stimulate business and consumer confidence by making it cheaper to borrow money and pay less on purchases. This all links back to the lending system, cementing its place within the economy’s performance.


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