Awareness vs. experience


We are more aware than ever before. More aware of victims of
violence, or a natural disaster. More aware of insane wealth or
grinding poverty. It gets beamed to us, regularly.

We’re even more often exposed to social hijinks, sports stars
or business moguls.

We’re aware that people run a marathon, or fast for a week.
That they start a business or meditate every day. They know how to
code, or to take pictures.

But there’s a difference between hearing about it and
experiencing it.

There’s no excuse for being uninformed. But when it matters,
there’s also no good reason for being inexperienced.

There’s often a piece of glass between us and the world as
it’s delivered to us. That glass magnifies awareness, but it
doesn’t have the same impact as experience does. It can’t.

Our awareness has been stretched wider than ever in history, but
often at the cost of taking away a lifetime of experiences.


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