Being a Pringles NPC Is a Dream Job with Real Pay


Pringles is offering gamers a chance at some big bucks as a non-playable character (NPC). As life becomes more dynamic in the metaverse and in video games, unexpected job openings with real salaries are popping up for those who wish to make it big in the virtual world. One such opening is that of a Pringles NPC.

The Pringles NPC contest, launched in collaboration with Grey London, offers players a chance to work as an NPC in a video game, as part of its Stay in the Game campaign.

The Pringles NPC Contest

The popular potato crisp maker is inviting applications for the role of a machine refilling non-playable character (NPC) in Train Sim World 2. Sure, eating Pringles and playing Train Sim World 2 is a vacation in itself, but with a pay of nearly $25,000, you could get your life back on track from the comfort of your home. The NPC video game employee will work in Train Sim World 2 that is available via Xbox Game Pass. 

Prinjles NPC contest

To participate, consumers were asked to post a selfie or a video with a can of Pringles and a comment explaining why they should be Pringles’ NPC and tag #PringlesStayInTheGame on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. The brand also released a series of videos replete with dry humor to promote the campaign. In the videos, the NPCs share their perspective on life and why they couldn’t avail of the opportunity. The ad campaign has been curated by Grey London and shows NPCs bemoaning their fate at having humans steal their jobs as Pringles NPCs. In an official statement, Pringles stated, “You are now one step closer to make gaming history as the first real human to get paid to work as a non-playable character (NPC). Real money and not a real job, obviously.”

To further promote the position, a talking Pringles vending machine, voiced by stand-up comedian Ian Smith, appeared at The Green, Boxpark Shoreditch, on June 21 to interview potential candidates. The drive was clearly successful as over 100 candidates applied for the post of Pringles NPC. The campaign runs in the UK, France, and Denmark and does not offer an employment contract. On social media, the brand revealed that the shortlisted candidates for Pringles NPC will be randomly selected on July 11. They will announce the Pringles contest winner by August 29.. The runner up will be awarded an Xbox Series S. The Pringle’s NPC contest winner’s likeness will be 3D modeled and introduced to the game in September, wherein they will keep Pringles vending machines stocked, along with a pay of £20,000.

Pringles’ Mind Popping campaigns

The American crisp-making brand was first launched in the US in 1968 and has now become synonymous with potato crisps. It is sold in over 140 countries and is available in different flavors, customized as per regional tastes.

The campaign is the latest offering from the Pringles Mind Popping brand platform. Grey London global group creative directors Aaron McGurk and Chris Lapham stated that they expect the Pringles NPC contest to be hugely popular. “Who wouldn’t want to become an NPC? Everyone talks about robots taking our work, but now we have the chance to take theirs.”

Earlier this year, Pringles worked with Grey London to unveil its new slogan “Mind Popping” a shift from its previous “Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop” slogan that has been around since 1996. In 2018, they unveiled a “Pop, Play, Eat” refresh campaign. To promote the Mind Popping campaign, they also released a spot wherein they attribute the evolution of humans to one thing – Pringles. During the 20-second ad, a narrator claims the consumer was “made for Pringles” and gives a humorous explanation supporting the theory. At the time, McGurk and Lapham had admitted that the stories and anecdotes associated with Pringles had taken them by surprise.

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