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One of the benefits of using our site is that we do a lot of your research for you, because we want to help you make money in the stock market.

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We subscribe to a few dozen stock market newsletters and we make their recommended trades in our virtual trading accounts. Most of the stock newsletters recommend 1 to 5 stocks a month.  We make all of their trades in their respective virtual trading accounts, usually within 24 hours of getting their recommendations.  While all of the newsletters tell you what to buy, most don’t comment on when to sell.  So we place 8% trailing stop loss orders on all of the positions.

Month after month we see that every service has its ups and downs.  However, when we start to look longer term, we start to notice trends.  There is definitely one newsletter whose stock picks consistently outperform all of the others.

The Best Stock Newsletter:

Based on our dozens of paper trading portfolios, this stock newsletter is head and shoulders above the rest.  This is not to say that every one of their stock picks is a winner.  Rather, it is to say that over a few months and definitely over a year or two, we find that the cream does rise to the top.  So, with all of our tracking over the last 3 years, we can confidently say which is the best stock newsletter.

Before I tell you which newsletter I am talking about, let me show you just four recent examples.  In fact, I have so much confidence in the best stock newsletter that I now buy all of their recommended stocks as soon as I get their alerts.  Take a look at the CASE STUDY below as I start to document my experience for 2019…

CASE STUDY (updated March 1, 2019):

  1. On January 3rd, 2019 this service recommended Twilio stock (ticker is TWLO).  I received an email at 1:31 pm ET saying BUY TWILIO.
  2. When I received the email, the stock was trading about $83.00, down from the previous close of $86.97.  All of the markets were down big at the time so I wasn’t too concerned TWLO was down also, but I was hesitant to buy anything at that time.
  3. TWLO closed at $81.25 that day and I thought I was smart by not buying it.
  4. The next morning, January 4th, the market was up big and I realized I forgot to buy any TWLO.  By the time I got my order in, the stock was already up $7 to $88.
  5. I bought 22 shares at $88.01 on January 4th as you can see below from my ETrade Confirmation.  I typically buy $1000 to $2000 of each recommendation in my real account as you can see…Best Stock Newsletter Example Trade
  6. This stock has continued to go up over the last few weeks. As of Friday, February 8th, 2019 TWLO closed at $114.78 for a profit for me of $583.95 on an investment of just $1941.21.  That’s a 30% return for in just 30 days!  And that 30% is with me buying the stock at $88.01.  Had I bought the stock at $83 at the time of the recommendation I would be up 38%!  Take a look at pic from my ETrade account as of the close on Friday, February 8, 2019….Best Stock Newsletter Example
  7. Obviously, this doesn’t happen all the time.  But what I have found that with this one newsletter, most of their trades are profitable and a few are REALLY profitable–THAT is exactly what you need when you build a stock portfolio.  You need mostly solid stocks that will outperform the market, but you need a few that double or triple each year.
  8. FOR EXAMPLE, THIS STOCK DOUBLED. In January 2018 they recommended PAYC. This stock is up 96% for me in just one year.stock-newsletter-subscription-doubled-in-price
  9. FEBRUARY 8, 2019 UPDATE… Their first February pick was released February 7, 2019. I got the email at 1:55pm and immediately bought it. I am already up 8% on that pick in just a day and a half. I am not allowed to release it’s ticker yet. They should release another pick next week, so keep reading to find out which service these two picks came from.
  10. FEBRUARY 15, 2019 UPDATE… They release another pick on February 14th. I got my email at 1:41pm and immediately bought $2k of this stock at $46.38. On Friday, February 15th it closed at $51.07 so I am up 10% on that one in a day and a half. Once again, there is definitely a “Fool Affect” that as soon as the Fool recommends a stock, it pops 10% and then keeps going up slowly thereafter. FYI–For the Feb 7th pick mentioned above, I am up 14.76% now in 8 and a half days. And for the TWLO pick, after 6 weeks it has backed off a bit but I am still up 21%.
  11. FEBRUARY 23, UPDATE… TWLO continues to climb. It closed at $116.55 so I am up 32% in 6 weeks. Their Feb 7 pick is still up 5% and their Feb 14 pick is now up 16%.  I am also now happy to report that a stock they recommended a year ago has now doubled in price for me.  Take a look at my PAYC Total Gain Percentage of 95%:stock-newsletter-subscription-doubled-in-price
  12. MARCH 1, UPDATE… TWLO continues to climb even higher. It closed at $123.53 and I am now up 40% since I bought it on January 4th of this year. This has given me a profit of $776 on a $1941 investment. Their Feb 7 pick has inched a bit higher this week and I am up 8% on that pick in just 3 weeks. I forgot to mention on Feb 21 there was another recommendation. By the time I placed my order the Feb 21 pick was up $2 but I bought it anyways. It hasn’t moved at all since i bought it as I am up 0.3% on it. Finally, on Feb 28 this service released their “5 Best Buys Now” list. This is a recap of some of their previous recommendations that they reiterate as “timely buying opportunities.”  If you are just getting started investing, this is a great help.

So, now that I have shared my results from the most recent 3 stock picks and one from a year ago, I am sure you are asking what stock newsletter was it? These stock picks came from:

Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor

If you are looking for solid stock picks to add to your portfolio for 2019, then based on their track record over the last 3 years, you should subscribe to the Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor service.  Obviously, I subscribe and buying just $1000-$2000 on each pick has yielded a great return for me well above the market’s return.

Their 2 March picks will soon be released so don’t delay.  But keep reading and I will tell you another reason why this service is the best.  I will also tell you how to get this service at a reduced price.

How Much Does It Cost?

In addition to this stock newsletter having the best performance, this newsletter is also the most affordable!  This month the Motley Fool is running a special pricing promotion and you can get their next picks now for just $19. In fact, they have a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you aren’t happy, just call and they will refund your money back– no questions asked.

Based on my TWLO profit of $776+ in 60 days, this stock newsletter has already paid for itself for many years.  Make sure you DON’T PAY FULL PRICE for this newsletter, CLICK HERE to get their March Stock Picks.

Do you already subscribe to the Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor? Here’s a great hint: Our second best performing newsletter is the Motley Fool’s Rule Breakers. That services’ February 14, 2019 pick (ticker GH) is up 51% in just 2 weeks. Their January 24 pick is up 4%. This is a new offering so there is not much track record but so far so good. Read our review of this Rule Breakers subscription.

More Examples of Picks

This service recommended stocks like SHOP (up 158% since we bought it), NVDA (up 120%) and MAR (up 97%). To have a stock portfolio that performs well, above all you MUST have a few stocks like these that double or triple in value. This Motley Fool service has a great habit of picking these 2x and 3x stocks, and therefore they continue to be the best stock newsletter of all the newsletters we track!

Still don’t believe it?  I didn’t either until I subscribed and saw how this stock newsletter got their amazing returns.  I sure wish I had bought Netflix, Amazon, Bookings, Disney, Nvidia, etc. when they recommended stock picks

As recently as August 2018, the Stock Advisor recommended stocks such as PAYC (up 43.39%), FICO (up 25.77%), and OKTA (up 57.05%).

In our paper trading portfolios, we used 8% trailing stops to minimize risk of any poor picks. This trailing stop also helped us take profits on any high fliers that might have had a significant pullback.

Our Research of the Best Stock Newsletter:

The Fool’s marketing campaign for this service says their portfolio is up an amazing 348% since inception, compared to the SP’s 81%. See the graph below that shows their return versus the S&P500’s return over the same time period. Seems like it is impossible right? But now we see that a lot of their picks do double or triple in a short period of time.

long term performance chart

At first we were skeptical because it sounds too good to be true. But based on our current virtual portfolios and digging more into the data they share, we are now believers and we also proclaim this the BEST stock newsletter.

The image below shows how they have been very good at picking a few stocks that have amazing returns. Since they recommended these stocks, Netflix is up 17,846%, Amazon is up 11,363%, Marvel was up 5,762% and Priceline up 8,558%. This stock newsletter has a great track record of picking these stocks that are game changers for your portfolio.

stock chart performance grid
Best of all, the Motley Fool currently has this stock newsletter on sale. It usually costs $299 a year, but they currently are running a too-good-to-be-true promotion of just $19 a month or $99 for the year. That is a very reasonable price to pay for such solid stock picks in this stock newsletter. They also have a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. You should definitely try it for 30 days!

To get their next stock picks at this discounted price, you must click here. We recommend that you review their picks and analysis carefully. Make sure you buy in slowly with the expectation that over a year you should have 10-20 stocks in your portfolio. Do NOT put all of your money in their first few stock picks!

If you want more information on this service, then please read our complete, in-depth Motley Fool Review that will show you all of the features you get when you subscribe to this service.


Based on the last 24 months of performance, the Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor is the best stock newsletter available for the price. Best of all, it is currently on sale for just $19 a month or $99 a year. If you are looking for solid stock picks to add to your portfolios, this is where you should start. Click here to get this special price.

If you are still not convinced, read our full in-depth review.

*November 30, 2018 Update:

A key aspect in selecting a good newsletter would be its consistency in suggesting undervalued stocks. To evaluate this, the WallStreetSurvivor team kept on trading the Fool’s stock picks. Here are some recent highlights from our portfolios for David and Tom’s recommendations since December 2017:

David’s Portfolio Highlights

Company Suggested Price Paid Last Price Return
OKTA January + April 2018 34.93 57.23 63.84%
ILMN January 2018 248.76 337.32 35.60%
FICO March 2018 169.71 213.73 25.94%
AMZN March + April 2018 1585.52 1898.89 19.76%
ADBE April 2018 221.90 254.95 14.89%


Tom’s Portfolio Highlights

Company Suggested Price Paid Last Price Return
NFLX February 2018 (trailing stop order activated) 264.18 361.99 37.02%
VRNS March 2018 (trailing stop order activated) 58.25 75.25 29.18%
SHOP May 2018 138.76 163.53 17.85%
APPN July 2018 32.30 34.69 7.40%
IRBT Dec 2017 (trailing stop order activated) 64.30 87.08 35.43%

One of the most recent suggestion by the Fool’s Stock Advisor is Appian Corporation (APPN:NASDAQ). In nearly two weeks, it has achieved a return of 7.40% in our portfolio and we believe there is still a lot more room for growth. On the 2nd of August 2018, Appian reported its Q2 results with a 39% revenue growth due to a “combination of new customer acquisition, a 119% subscription revenue retention rate among existing customers, and a one-off perpetual software deal. This figure grew much faster than management had previously predicted” (Source: MotleyFool News & Updates). Thanks to our friends at Motley Fool, we were able to get an early seat and capture APPN’s growth.

Another Top Stock Newsletter:

The Fool’s marketing campaign is still supporting its claim that it can beat the market. For example, their current campaign says the Fool’s Stock Advisor is averaging a 347% return since their inception, while the S&P has a 80% return.


There are many other stock advising newsletters on the market that we have evaluated. Our second recommendation would be Chaikin’s PowerFeed newsletter which delivers stock ideas every morning from Monday to Friday. The Chaikin PowerFeed has a lot of advantages. As an example, it is free and organized in a way that makes it readable in less than 2 minutes. However, acting on stock recommendations on a daily basis can consume a lot of time and commission fees. Hence, we believe that the amount of stock picks and time intervals of the Fool’s Stock Advisor can help users efficiently manage their portfolios and meet their investing goals.

How to get The Next Stock Pick

Investing in the S&P can be advantageous due to its simplicity in investing in a diversified portfolio. However, we are confident that the Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor service can generate greater returns with a small effort from the investor. When factoring the discounted price of the service and the return it generates (4 times Standard & Poor’s return), we believe the Stock Advisor is still the best stock newsletter service available in their price range. You can get the next stock picks from this newsletter by clicking here.

Or read our full list of the best investment newsletters.

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