BlueJeans Tip: Improving Video Conference Reliability


    You wouldn’t place a personal call with a single-bar signal,
    would you? OK, fine…Desperate on a desert island and you need to
    connect with someone ASAP, high expectations are tossed aside.
    Video meetings, on the other hand, deserve dependable network
    strength every time. Collaboration and productivity require a
    world-class conferencing product with connectivity options for any
    bandwidth environment. Because of this, too often we find ourselves
    playing the conference “blame game” of questioning whether a
    conference join and reliability issue is the fault of the product
    or the network. 

    Network Knowledge is Power
    While it’s common for meeting attendees to play the product blame
    game during a scrambled signal, it’s often network availability
    that jeopardizes a call. However, not all vendors offer end-user
    and admin visibility to isolate network issues. This leads to
    management and control flaws because meeting attendees have no line
    of sight into the root cause. In this respect, the PRODUCT is to
    blame (rather than the network) if connection-related problems go
    unsolved due to poor troubleshooting accessibility within the

    The following features and join options were created by
    BlueJeans to improve conference reliability in limited or changing
    bandwidth conditions—thus, putting power into the hands of

    Network Strength Indicator
    Built into the BlueJeans web, desktop, and mobile experience is a
    signal bar showing in-meeting network strength. If joining the
    meeting and remaining present in a single location, connectivity
    may change as
    others in your network consume additional bandwidth

    Keep an eye on this icon in the upper right-hand corner of your
    meeting if video or audio quality drops. Make sure you’re not
    running high-demand CPU applications on your machine to ensure the
    best picture and sound. You can also switch to a stronger network
    source if relying on a public LAN and need to remedy on the

    BlueJeans Direct Connect
    Consistent performance, reliability, and security are critical
    components for any global business hosting video meetings. To
    support these needs, BlueJeans offers a
    dedicated private network called Direct Connect
    . Rather than
    sending and receiving a video meeting over the public network,
    Direct Connect allows users to access BlueJeans via the Equinix
    Cloud Exchange.

    Here are the following benefits of this service:

    • Consistent Network Performance for HD video meetings:
      Participants in video meetings benefit from consistent network
      performance with the private network connection.
    • Additional Security: BlueJeans’ meeting traffic is retained
      within the private connection providing an extra level of security
      for BlueJeans meetings.
    • Flexible Connection Speeds: With a variety of connection speeds
      (200 Mbps / 500 Mbps / 1 Gbps) at your disposal, BlueJeans Direct
      Connect makes it easy to scale your connection to fit your
    • Seamless failover: In the event of a connection failure,
      desktop and mobile participants retain their meeting session with
      no intervention required.
    • Simple ordering and service activation: Ordering and activating
      BlueJeans Direct Connect is easy!

    Mobile Wi-Fi and Cellular
    For mobile users moving into a fringe Wi-Fi area,
    BlueJeans will automatically switch
    your connection to your
    cellular carrier’s signal. Simply wait while the “resolving
    network issues” message displays on your screen during the source

    Software and service features that optimize meeting reliability
    and quality are vitally important for the modern enterprise. With
    BlueJeans’ in-app connectivity options and network diagnostics,
    meetings remain productive for any remote office or conference room
    joining the call.

    Choose a product with the right solution for any bandwidth
    environment by trying BlueJeans
    Meetings for free today

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